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Ban appeal in behalf of Francis(James Dean) with proof


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(This was written by Francis a.k.a James Dean)

Link to report : None.

Why the verdict is not fair : I started playing dayz a couple of years ago. About 2 years ago when the DayZ mod first came out.

At the time, the game was far too expensive for me so I decided to buy a CD-Key from a stranger over Skype ( a lot of people were selling them back then). I used that CD-Key

on my main steam account( lets call it Y) and played with it for about 3 weeks to a month, shortly after it was banned.I never used any sort of hack and was completly depressed when my IRL friend ,a couple of days after,also got banned

(he had bought a CD-Key from the same guy) so we just thought he was selling the same Key to multiple people.

Having moved on, I decided to create another steam account( we'll call it X) where I bought the complete version of Arma2.This worked perfectly but every once in a while I would be playing on my main account(y) where I had all my games

and when I felt like playing Arma, I would click on it but it would say I was banned (due to it reading the banned CD-Key of the Y account instead of X's).

I fixed this problem the first time by completly uninstalling the game and installing it on the X steam account and it worked like a charm. Throughout the years from then to now I can count with my fingers the ammount of time it has happened but I came up with a different solution. Instead of uninstalling the whole game and reinstalling it I just changed the key with RegEdit with it,whenever I had the problem I could just change Y's

CD-Key with X's.

I believe I have been playing DayZRP for about 2/3 months now under the alias ''Francis Brye'' and recently ''James Dean''. A week ago the problem happened again when I logged into DayZRP but I just switched Y's CD-Key with X's and it was fine.

You can imagine how heartbroken I was when I logged on to Teamspeak today to have my friends move me to the ''Meeting Room'' and tell me I was banned from DayZRP.I immediatly contacted a couple of Admins that were online saying that they could

do nothing about it, and that I needed to contact Battleye with proof that Y's CD-Key was actually banned by someone else other than me, which sounded reasonable until I realised this would take about a week and me never having

played DayZRP with a banned CD-Key except for that ONE time where I logged into it with the WRONG one.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : This Mod and its community are pretty much the only thing that have kept me going with DayZ and I have met so many people, established so many bonds that it's hard for me

see all that floating away just because of the 5 seconds where I logged in ACCIDENTALLY with the wrong key. I love this Mod with all my heart, please don't take me away.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Unban my account, I hate to think I am losing so much because of me buying a CD-Key off a stranger two years ago.

What could you have done better? If I could go back in time and buy the full version of the game in the first place I would've, I've never hacked and have no idea why this problem has only come up now on DayZRP.

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The thing is in DayZRP he is using the legit key he bought ,for DayZRP over 7 months ago (this key was never and is not Global Banned in ArmA) , of steam and this key is not the one that's global banned. He got banned from DayZRP because he logged into the servers in his old banned key( this key wasn't even whitelisted in the DayZRP Servers).

He never ever used this old CD-Key for DayZRP except that one time that he logged into RP about 3 days ago while , for some reason, his old key was enabled.

My question is: What will he send to Bohemia/Battleye ? That he bought a new key and got banned from a server because he accidentaly logged into that server while his old (banned) key was enabled?

I was looking around the forums and I saw that people posted the e-mails that Bohemia/Battleye sent them with the replacement key. But in this case there's no replacement key because the only key that's banned is his OLD key not the new key that he uses for DayZRP.

This perma-ban was only issued because he joined the DayZRP Servers on accident whilst his banned key was activated.

PS: His OLD key got stolen before he even whitelisted for DayZRP. And he never contacted Battleye/Bohemia about it, he just bought a new key and kept on playing.

His current key , the key that has always been white-listed in DayZRP , is not Global Banned.

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  • Emerald

So you say he wasn't banned on his key yet he logged on with his banned key?

If his old key was stolen and used for hacking, we still need proof from Bohemia that it wasn't him that did the hacking. It doesn't matter if he has a new key that he got before joining RP, we still need that proof.

Battleye can prove if you were hacking or not, they will then give you a new Cd-key. What you do with that CD key is up to you but we need that proof.

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  • Legend

From the sounds of it you originally bought a stolen CD key. I doubt Bohemia will help you if that is the case simply because they for obvious reasons do not support these CD keys.

Its worth a try but I cannot justifying unbanning you if you used a stolen CD Key.

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  • Legend

Yes. Please provide us with the e-mail from Bohemia or BattleEye

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  • Legend

We do not take global bans lightly as you have seen. However it appears all evidence is in order and it points to your innocence. Due to this you will be unbanned.

Appeal granted.

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