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A strange abnormality

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To the best of my knowledge it has been about a year since this infection was officially announced as a global crisis, I am one of the unfortunate to survive. I cannot exactly say what day it is but I believe it is some time in the late months of the year. It was in these dark, cold months that I witness I rather strange sighting.

As the wind whirled and moaned around me I slowly made my way through the 'Three Valleys' in hope of finding some stray, un-infected animals. Behind me I heard the unmistakable groan of an infecting as it trudged around looking for another vessel to control. I lay down and felt a sharp cold pinch as my cheek touched the frozen grass. The infected had not noticed me and I managed to dispatch of it with one well placed bullet. It seem though, that it was not alone. A second infected (that resembled what was left of a mangled woman) came up and began sniffing and inspecting the corpse. I had my sights steadily on its head when all of a sudden it started to give a horrendous wail. It didn't sound like the normal sounds associated with an infected. I dare to say it but it sounded like a wail of a mourning mother. It chilled me to the bone and it only felt humane to relieve her of her grief.

This strange event occurred two weeks prior to this day however, I remember it as if it were yesterday and it still haunts my dreams. I cannot think of any answer that helps me to understand this abnormality and have taken it upon myself to study the infected more closely. Perhaps there is still hope.

(Please tell me what you think. It my first RP story and I'm looking forward to post more if people enjoy it. I encourage constructive criticism.)

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