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Most frequently used gas station.

Most frequently used gas station   

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So I was curious to what you think is the most frequently used gas station, so also possible the unsafest?

I think Gorka gas station, would be the most used gas station. I've seen alot of people refuel there, and I've refueled a lot of times, there myself. But what do you think?

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  • Emerald

Solnichy Petrol station as the Solnichy factory is close to it and has high end industrial loot there to fix up stuff like cars.

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  • Sapphire

My group personally fill up at Novy Barns or Gorka barns, inside towns is risky but we usually fill there!

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  • Emerald

I know where all fuel tanks are so usually i don't tend to refuel close to any big city nor at a gas station. But if i would look back i could probably say that Gorka gas station is the one i have used the most

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Guest John Le Bear

The one right in the top left of the map. Sit there all day and you will see helicopters refuel, urals, all the good stuff.


Its a hot spot for vehicle hoarders passing through, they usually hide their cars in the woods around that area.

Gorka has to be the most unsafest, though I dont think many people use it, just people passing though the are and not stopping. You have to be an idiot to stop there for fuel.

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  • Emerald

I would say gorka is the most used

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