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Green Mountain


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  • Emerald

Day 122,

I know there have been a lot of myths about Green Mountain so I did some research into what has been going on around there.

According to some documents I have found in Kumyrna on patrol, it seems that while the outbreak was in its first stages, the government that was in power at the time had some captured infected, and was running tests on them.

The people at the medical center (Location unknown) had a radio transmission that was set to transmit every day if no one from the lab or the radio tower were able to stop the message.

Somewhere along the line the infected some how got out of quarantine and attacked everyone.

I can now confirm that at 12:00pm every day the emergency beacons turn on and transmits a distress signal. I have been able to confirm that the transmission consists of two parts.

The first part gives a number of grid references that mostly highlight deer stands and other helpful areas.

The second part is in morse code. Im a bit rusty but I managed to find out that it says the following:

We are no longer alive STOP;

This message will play every day if operators are no longer responsive STOPMESSAGE;

Unable to quarantine subject change STOPMESSAGE;

I have also heard that strange things happen around the transmission tower. When ever im near Green Mountain around 3:00am my radio seems to go haywire.

Iv been meaning to go up to see what is causing this feedback but who wants to go to Green Mountain at night time??

Some people say that its some form of static field that makes your hair stand on end, others say the previous inhabitants were murdered and have returned to the physical realm as talking zombie ghosts. But none of these things have been confirmed.

I am currently working my way from the Desal Plant to put these stories to rest once and for all.

I am hoping that they are just ghost stories...

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  • Emerald

What if I told you that this is not a story?

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  • Emerald

Hate Green Mountain just because I always seem to die there.

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  • Emerald

You mean this radio transmission? :P

But, when you go up to green mountain, i'm not sure if you will come back.

That's one of them ;-P

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  • Sapphire

Rue is scared of ghosts aye. Don't bring any of them ghosts back to Ruru you egg!

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