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Grim River

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[align=justify]A damp fog drifted through the streets of southern England, it stuck to the skin, Alex rose dreamily out of bed and yawned opening his jaw as far as he could whilst stretching his arms. He stared blankly out the window of his bottom floor apartment and mumbled swears under his breath. The fluorescent orange running vest was heavy-handedly yanked over his head and torso. He lumbered over to his pile of dirty clothes checking if any trousers were available, none, he yanked some shorts on and grabbed a sports drink out of the fridge as he stumbled down the hallway.He reached the door. Something swiftly sped past the icy glass, he stepped back startled...he raised a feeble hand to the door handle, pressed it down with as much effort as he could muster and opened it. Nothing. He sighed with breath of relief and went on his way jogging down the messy streets of Ramsgate.Sweat trickled down the creases of Alex's worn face as the musty heat had started to get to him, with earphones in and Daft Punk increased to almost deafening volume he couldn't hear a thing, such as the car which was about to be wrapped round a tree any second now with the driver crushed against the wheel, whilst a ghoul in the back seat was half way through tucking into a bloody feast of his jugular.Alex carried on.Neither did he spot the dozens of infected groaning feraly, plodding along behind him, most of them hungry and dismembered.

Alex failed to even notice the sundered families screaming, for lovers, for children, for help.

He started to reach the borderline set personally to stop him from running to far, with the torrent of downfall and decease gushing behind him...

he stopped,

he turned,

he froze.

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