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app question


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3rd time rejected and iv done everything the admins asked mainly the NLR and KO's but due to there being a certain amount of space to write it i didn't get my full explanation in and i had to edit it. Because of this i got denied again so can some one explain the things i have to cover. Also after reading the rules, the 2 hour revenge against hostile action does that count even if they kill you because i cant see it anywhere in the rules.



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  • Sapphire

Well I think the problem is that you call it NRL and not NLR but ok.

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  • Emerald

Ah I could get blacklisted D:

really hope that isn't the case, and i think the new explanation iv wrote out will Be correct.

So you're applied three time already or are you going to make third application?

If you get denied three times you will be blacklisted.

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Let me give you some advice:

Don't just write the bare minimum. Go into detail. I think I wrote 3 times the required in every box on my application. But also make sure your grammar and spelling is of a high standard. Basic English. Don't clump up your text. Break it up.

When explaining the rules, don't say "The KoS rule is where you can kill someone within a 2 hour period of them killing you" or whatever.

You have to write what the rule entails, how it links in with other rules. How it can conflict with other rules. Then give an example of the rules.


Point. Example. Analysis.

Explain the rule.

Give and example.

Explain the example.

ect ect

Hope this helped.

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  • Sapphire

On a side note does anyone know if its considered cheating for a new applicant to send their app to an already whitelisted player to look over and give them their own verdict of whether they would accept it or not?

Not that i do this (i have no friends :( ) just a thought

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