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Re activate my account "ImKyroz"

Guest HejHopp

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Guest HejHopp

Link to report : There is none, the case is about the Permanently banned account "ImKyroz"

Why the verdict is not fair : Because I had allready been punished for my rule breaking.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I almost got permanently banned for sexual harassment but instead you (the admins and gm: s etc) decided to punish me with a 5 day ban and with a 9 point ban-strike lasting for two months instead of one, that was the final verdict. A few weeks later, I got banned for the EXACT same event... According to the European court, you are not allowed to punish someone for committing a "crime" or in this case breaking the law/rules. And since the servers are located in Sweden, I would guess that that law should apply here, especially since a countrys laws goes above the laws of a server/game. Below is a source where you can read about it for yourselves...

(It's in Swedish but you can use google translate) http://medborgarratt.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/europadomstolen-fel-att-straffa-tva-ganger-for-samma-brott/

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I want my account re-activated and my teamspeak channel un-banned, nothing more or less.

What could you have done better? Followed the rules to start with, allthough, I could not do anything to prevent getting punished for the same crime twice.

I just want to clear this out as i thought my ban was very unfair and it has been on my mind for a while now...

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  • Emerald

So... let me get it straight... According to the European law (that we clearly follow, as we're an international community which is hosted on a cloud server) it's ok to sexually harass someone?

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  • Legend

I am not sure what you're talking about here when you mean that you were punished for the same thing twice. You were permanently banned for sexually harassing a female member of this community.

You were already punished for racism before that.

See you in court.

Appeal denied

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