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Raven Shield Corporation - Altis RP

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Greetings gentlemen. The time has come for the return of the corporation, well, kinda. We are currently rebuilding the corporation on Altis RP which I think most of you are well known about these days.

About 80 % of the corporations original members and leaders are resurrecting the clan on Altis RP.

Here's some information about our agenda and other things.

Primary focus: Oil

Setup: Clan is devided into two segments, the upper and lower segments,

Upper segment: Ravens, Raven interrogators, and the council. The primary objective for these gentlmen are criminal activities, drug dealing, robberies, PMC business.

Lower segment: Underdogs/Workers. The primary objective for these people are oil production. They will be offered protection att all time and cash each end of the week as a reward for their loyal work for the corporation.

Clothing: Black suits (upper segment), Worker clothing/Civilian clothing (Lower segment)

Cars: Black or/and Yellow SUV's, Hatchbacks and trucks.

Website: http://www.altisrp.net/topic/53-rsc-raven-shield-corporation/

More information are coming along as we are going. My time is currently limited due to the charity stream.

If you are interested in joining the corporation, contact me and we'll get things rolling for you!

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