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*Disbanded*Please Move Out*

Guest Austin_Martin

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There isn't anything at all.....

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*This is OCC & WIP*

Hello everyone, For those whom may not know me, My name is Austin Martin. I am the Founder and General of CQF. You can find all the information about us below, Thank You:


Clan Tag: [CQF]

Clan Name: Chernarus Quarantine Force

Clan XML: Link

Clan Thread: Link

Clan CP: Link

Clan News Thread: Link

Clan TeamSpeak Server:


Camp Idea:

The main idea for the camp is to have some place we can find a cure for the "virus" and experiment on our subject. Our back story leaves off in the NWAF, so I would like to have something near by on S1 or S2 where ever the admins think it can be playable. Anywhere South or East of the NWAF is fine for us. I am currently working on the camp. Nothing to large or "OP" it will have some small walls, a guard gate and some utilities like holding cells, small research lab and a small radio antenna, beside having the basics like a well, and small fir place.

We are currently still deciding upon the fact, of if we are going to make an open civilian camp for vaccination or a closed experimental camp were we will take patience to and experiment on them.


Camp Pictures:

*No Yet Uploaded*


*Thank you for all your feedback...*

ummmmmmmmm okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  • Legend

I would put a thread up once you have a camp in the making. But good luck ever way!

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  • Emerald

Erm ok.

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Guest Austin_Martin

That is the goal to put dead bodies, tents and make it have a medical camp feel to it, and not that close not that far maybe near Kabanino North East of Kabanino

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