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November 2013 news


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  • El Presidente

Welcome to the November 2013 news. We have changed the interval at which those news bulletins will be made, these are now monthly rather than weekly. Other than that, the content stays the same, so without further ado...

Staff Changes.

It's the 1st of this month (actually 2nd, technically 3rd :D), which means staff promotions! Congratulations to everyone! The new recruits for this month still haven't been chosen, they will be recruited at a later date.

Leon > Leon

Robbin > Robbin

daschund > Dr Dax

Graffels > Graffels

Lundborg > Lundborg

TrilbyAsh > TrilbyAsh

Ego > Ego

Major Tom > Major Tom

TheTanteTerror > TheTanteTerror

Thumper Parrish > Thumper Parrish

Toorrik > Toorrik

Shakya > Shakya

Tomeran > Tomeran

Gijs > Gijs

Sadly we've had a few staff members go but regardless we thank them for their amazing contributions to our community. You will always be remembered.

o7 BigLittleShorts

o7 Rel

o7 Osaka

o7 Avah (she'll be back :) )

Mod changes and known issues

Recently the servers have had an extreme amount of issues. Loot not spawning, zombies not spawning, extraordinary amounts of desync and delay when doing anything. We know about these issues and are attempting to resolve them as quickly as possible. We have already tried disabling most of the DayZRP features to circumvent the problem, unfortunately it persisted. We will consider releasing a new DayZRP patch that will hopefully solve those and other issues. There _MAY_ be a wipe involved. More information will be made available Soon.

Riggs vs Child Cancer

Morgan Riggs is doing live streams every day raising funds for Swedish Child Cancer foundation. All the details can be found here. I'll highlight a few details for those too lazy to read.

  • Streaming 4 hours a day, 19:00 - 23:00 server time
  • From the 1st to the 23rd December
  • There will be a variety of games attempting to facilitate all viewers.
  • Direct link to Riggs donation page. The money goes directly to the cancer fund. There are no middle men.
  • DayZRP will hold our own fundraiser, there will be a few days in December when all your DayZRP donations will be directly transferred to the Riggs campaign. Dates will be posted later on.

DayZRP Community Awards

Keep an eye on these forums for "DayZRP Community Award" threads. Staff will update these forums and post the most recent nomination threads. These are awards to celebrate various aspects of our community and praise people for their contributions.

Clan News

Sadly one of the longest and most recognisable clans of DayZRP ended this month. IC Details can be found here and OOC details can be found here. It was a sad day for the whole of Chernarus to find this out, hopefully they will return soon to liberate us once more.

Despite the closure of CLF, we were graced with some beautiful videos.

Hofer feat. Terra in 'Time of my life'

CLF - Dog-e-pig

But all is not to despair. With the demise with one our largest and well known clans brings 3 old clans back from their ashes. DUTY, BHM and Imperial Dragons have all arisen from their graves once again.

Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki or SVR have also returned to put the Russian presence back into Chenarus. I'd get your weapon licenses ready if you want to keep those guns of yours.

Pirates spotted on the coast Captn'! SDS have also been reformed under new management. They don't take kindly to those whom disrespect their warlord so I'd be on top form when around them!

Whitelist openings

Whitelists are still only open to donors. Keep and eye on this thread which is regularly updated about the current status of whitelist.


AltisRP is a work in progress ArmA 3 Altis Life RP server! I am aiming to make it a whole new community with a bit more relaxed and 'fun' RP experience, but still with a strict whitelist to get the best of the best players. Please be patient with us, there's not much there at the moment, but we have an open test server for everyone to play. Making the website look and work anywhere near like DayZRP will take weeks if not months. Expect more content soon.

And don't worry. DayZRP isn't going anywhere ;)

Community highlights

- How it feels to crash a car in Dayz

- How to initiate correctly

- Burly Aggressive Women spotted on the horizon.

- New to the server? Check this!

- Guide on showing people your *ID*

- How to correctly use the Search Function

- TORs new Camp

This announcement was brought to you by Toorrik.

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  • Sapphire

Yay, all those clan are coming back!

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Sad to see CLF go as I wanted to join them, oh well. Nice to see some of the other known clans appearing again.

Congrats to the promoted staff - especially Gijs and Tomeran.

And it's about time with the news ;)

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Starts chanting "Altis, ALtis, ALTis, ALTIs, ALTIS"!

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  • Legend

Shiny! I like!

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While the whitelist thread is already on my radar, I'm glad to know it is being brought up on the News section. Such things help me (And the many others waiting for the openings) know if people are actually updating that thread with important information!

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This announcement was brought to you by Toorrik.

SDS are back indeed, Thanks for the update rolle. :D


Rolle is racist to forum colours and ruined ma thread.

Haha, Congrats on your promotion :)

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  • Emerald

Everyone is welcome to visit our camp if you need a rest. We are trying to keep it stocked with food, drinks, meds and other stuff. They are free for all, just remember don't hoard them and leave some for others too. There's also good chances to catch a fish from the sea!

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