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SKA Taken Off... Dafuq?

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So, I know this sounds weird, but I just realized SKA along with most of its members have been removed from DayzRP. I'm a little slow with Dayzrp's news and understand they were hiding a perma-banned player, but just wow... I have never seen a whole clan practically banned. I'm not going to decide who was right in the matter(personally I didn't like SKA) but it still amazes me that this happened.

Discussion is Welcome on this subject. Just Curious and looking for more detail.

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  • Sapphire

Some SKA members broke rules, and received the consequences, the clan was instantly shut down, and a few members banned. There has been many threads on this already, so this will probably be closed.

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  • Emerald

Yeah, this has been discussed quite enough already, please close.

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