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The PCS was a sucsess! A breath of fresh air has just hit DayZRP?

The Traveler

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Hey there everyone!

As some of you may have seen a few weeks ago, I proposed the idea of Player Controlled Scenarios (see here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-gm-storylines-changing-both-the-role-and-the-style-of-admin-enforced-rp) in the form of GM storylines...

I decided to run the idea as a player ran scenario and, after getting both help from the Volki and the SDS (yeah, those two working together! I couldn't believe it either ;) )

So, after a week of planning, the "event" was staged (without admin support btw) and it was a huge success! A good 10 - 15 people (including the SDS members who came to act as the " threat in the shadows") attended, with group participation being amazing, the improvisation being inspiring, and the general RP being the best i have seen in months of playing DayZRP... (to see a rundown of the event , please visit this link to the Traveller's first diary entry, the RP way to keep record of this story arch, here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-the-traveller-s-diary )

So with the success of this scenario going so well (better than I could of ever of dreamed thanks to the amount of RP orientated souls out there who helped) I have decided to keep doing these scenarios INDEFINITELY :D Actually carrying on with the story arch set out in the first scenario (see the Diary entry for details) and hence


I basically need the following:


-Volunteers (to be "NPC's" in adventures)

- And Clans (who can both participate in adventures AND agree to leave certain areas alone whilst these adventures are going on [E.G: If you were planning on attacking a camp that is the location of one of these adventures, coming to an agreed stopping time for the attack in correspondence to the adventure's starting time, which I need to give massive props to CL and B-17 for ending their attack at the restart (after which my first adventure began)]

-Admin support maybe? ;D (to be discussed on the TS when one is free / I am free ;D

If anyone can fill ANY of the positions that I have requested aid in above, then please PM with both your interest in the role and what you can bring to said role ;D

But either way a big well done to all those involved in the Scenario, a big thank you to all those who participated in the event, and a giant amount of praise to the Volki / SASR / SDS for making this event a reality :D

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  • Sapphire

Looks good!

Might be interested!

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  • Emerald

That event was awesome and included lots of great RP, do bad it wasn't really challenge, I hoped some admin would spawn in some zombies after the TOR member told us about high zombie movement at the airfield.

Just wanted to grats you on creating a good event.

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I would like to cover it on the radio, seems cool :)

Contact me and I would be more than happy to do an interview ;D

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  • Emerald

Well my clans mission is to document events in Chernarus so we would fit in perfectly.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I think it would improve the general rp on the server.

A big +1 from me.

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  • Sapphire

Pretty upset I missed this to be fair sounded amazing.

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A writing team has begun to take shape, with it's first proper meeting being on Friday :D

Thanks to everyone for offering support to the project, it means a lot to both me and those whom wish to see these events done more frequently :D

We (wow, I can actually say "we" now :D ) will hopefully be able to have the next story ready by next sat BUT , to make sure it does not become a clusterfluckle , we will not be announcing what time / location the event will be hosted from :P

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Hey there Traveler!

Seems that I couldn't see your thread before, but I just wanna say if you need another writer, I'm up for it or if not, I can be one of your NPCs.

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  • MVP

The story looks almost 100% identical to the old TOR+SRF event back in the day that resulted in the exodus expedition. :D

Glad to see it was a success! If you guys ever want to get radio transmissions out there to other survivors and have some information about the rest of the world, poke me for details. In fact there might be more regarding the "world lore" of dayzRP coming up soon.

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  • Titanium

Volki is always ready to help you again.Too bad we needed to stay at camp and had to defend it.But next time i might just come with you.

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