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The Traveller's Diary

The Traveler

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Saturday 31st of November 2013:

Diary Entry 1:

After many weeks of research, I have finally managed to both get the materials and the man power necessary to see if permanent repair work of the radio network was feasible...

As I have already mentioned in previous notes and scribbles, the repair of the network would mean that I might yet find a sliver of hope out here in the wastes of Chernarus, not to mention the practical applications of the project! I mean international radio communication again! After all this time?!? Such a thing seems just out of reach enough to be little more than a fools dream to anyone but myself!

But they haven't seen the notes! The small scale tests alone ...

But I am getting ahead of myself...

As I have allready said, I found a small group of survivors whom were willing to help out with the repair work...

A rag tag bunch of souls, but I knew that their hearts were pure and their purposes true to the cause


After a good half hour's walk we found ourselves at the foot of the hill which had the radio tower on which, at this point, I decided to split the group down the middle... with the Valkeries clan going to secure the ATC tower for the second part of the repair job, whilst myself and the mechanics of the expedition made our way to the tower itself...

A messy pile of scrap and rust I had never had the misfortune to see before was what met us when we got to the top of the hill...

We defiantly had our work cut out for us


The Repair crews got to work pretty much straight away, with my own skills being used to realign the wiring on the lower levels of the tower, with one wrong slip meaning a sorry end to the expedition and (if I am to be blatantly honest now) every one on that tower's lives, whilst the others on the repair team, surprisingly having much more advanced (and well maintenance) tools than myself which included both a welding torch and a drill, were working on bringing the dishes on the upper levels back to full order...

Grittiest work I have done since I got to Chernarus (And that includes the great Raven's Nest Latrine spillage of 2012)

Either way, a good 10 - 15 minutes later, and with the repairs almost complete..

I was given quite an unpleasant surprise by the appearance of 2 (though I guess there were more) members of the SDS...


They had apparently come to give us a "freindly reminder" that the group in question were not at all happy about my little project, having tried to bribe one of the members of the expedition to sabotage to the project earlier that day...

Apparently they had some people outside of Chernarus that "might be informed of their presence" if international communications were opened back up to the public...

Either way they said that, whilst they would allow us to continue repair work at the NEAF radio tower, they would not be so lenient if they find out we had found a way to reactivate the station at green mountain ...

{Personal Note: How in the hell did they know that Green Mountain is where the A*******r is hidden?!?}

Never the less we continued our repair work and, luckily, the tower came humming into life with little to no problems (apart from the requirement of makeshifting a capacitor out of the spare bits in my maglite)so, not long afterwards, we started to make our way towards the ATC Tower where, after both resetting the software set up there to maintain the tower's radio wave outputs AND leaving a "shocking surprise" for anyone whom wishes to try and dismantle the device after we left (Something I unfortunately figured out whilst resetting the ATC's main Ariel) we got ourselves the hell off the airfield...

{Personal note: I feel I should note that, in the defence of the ATC from zeds whilst we were repairing... one man fell in the line of duty... surrounded by walkers whilst we were making our escape... his sacrifice will not be forgoten...}


After some debating on the best way to figure out if the repair work had been sucessful... I decided to head to my old home just outside of Klen village...

On our trek we had to deal with a wounded who had been infected (the medical equipment needed being available at my home) The misplacement of one of the Valkyrie's sisters for about 5 minutes... and, as is seen in the next picture...

An unforeseeable loss of footing when we decided to run down the steeper side of Klen mountain... whilst it was raining...


Nevertheless, after about 20 minutes of treking through the forrests of Klen (a place that, even after 10 years since my last visit, I still knew my way around fairly well) our luck finally picked up when...

In the middle of the forest, we found two cars, a Military Grade UAZ and a... pink.... hippie van?


With this amazing bit of good fortune, we made it back to the house within the hour, the wounded were treated, and the group finally got to relax...

And then, as the sun rose and the campfire went out (And after a good hour in the basement checking over the results of the repair work via my ham radio / recording equipment) I had at last got the news I had been looking forward to...

The repair work was a success... the radio station was belting out radio frequencies like a dream and I could finally say I had fulfilled the promise I had made at the very start of this journey to those young, brave and bold men and women who had joined me on this expedition...

That promise being...


"I cannot promise we will all make it back, or if we will even be able to get back at all, but I can say to you this... if I have my way, by the time the sun rises on the next day... I believe we will ... no... I promise we will have changed what it means to be a survivor in the wastes of Chernarus...


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*Sadiiq run as fast as his feet can carry him from Polana factory down to the coast where SDS have made a small camp to rest*

*Sadiiq stop in front of the feet of the Warlord*

"Warlord, Warlord!!!. What we feared are about to happen. I just saw a group of about 7 to 8 men scavange for supplys to get the radio towers working again"

*Sadiiq kneels to catch his breath more, while the Warlord looks at him*

"Sadiiq, take this fake ID with the name of Denzel Jackson and see if u can infiltrate the group and get someone to sabotage this from the inside for us"

*Sadiiq finds himself surounded by people he do not know at Desal Plant. From a barrack he hears a man screaming in pain, while some voices who sounds American are questioning him. He looks nervous around to see if there are someone of the group he can talk to to help SDS out. A man at the fireplace seems to be a part of the people who plans to fix the antenna.

"Mr. J** S****, are u willing to hear a business proposal?"


"Ok, lets go where none can hear us talking"

*They walk down to the shore, where the waves kills their voices to reach back to Desal*

"So Mr. J**, do u like to work for the SDS for a great prize ofcourse?"

"What kind of work?"

"Sabotage the work on the antennas"

"For what prize?"

"Whatever u would like"

"I will have to think about that"

"Ok, I will meet u back at Olsha, to see what u decided for"

*The unknown runs back into Desal, while Sadiiq vanish into the woods to meet up with his friends again*

"I gave a man a proposal Warlord. Now we just have to wait and see"

"Good. I want u to take ten men with u and surround Olsha hill. Then u and Aziz while go up to the radio tower and have a talk with the repairers"

"Yes, Warlord"

*Aziz and Sadiiq waits on the dirst road leading up to Olsha while they wait for the signal that all men are in posiotions*

*A weak light blinks 3 times from the woods*

"Thats the signal Aziz, lets go"

*Upon the hill they meet some people who seems afraid of their presence. They try to laugh it off by saying two men cant do much to them. Little do they know that they all have a gun aimed at them from the darkness in the woods*

"I want to speak to the leader of this operation" Sadiiq says

*A man up in the antenna stands up*

"That must be me"

*He climbs down and walk towards the two men from SDS*

"Who are u and what do u want from us?"

"We are the Somalian Death Squad and we are here to warn u about what u are about to do. It's in boths interess that u stop this work"

"Why, if I may ask?"

"Lets just say that we dont want Chernarus to be able to contact the outside"

"And if we refuse?"

"Then our next meeting will not be this pleasant"

*The man seems abit shocked about the news*

"I will think about it, but I make no promises"

"Well, if I hear any news of u working on any other antennas, dont tell me I dident warn u"

*Aziz and Sadiiq walks slowely back down the hill while some men from Olsha runs down to the air feild*

"Must be to warn their friends"

"Yes, a clever move" Aziz answers

"Our little rat dident seem to be willing to work for us, lets deal with him later"

*The two men then slips into the shades and dissapears*

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