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Ban Appeal: Faarax ibn Wahlami

Guest Pandi

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Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rp1-kos-rdm-in-berezino-29-11-2013-22-00-24-00

Why the verdict is not fair : I apologized, It wasn't a KoS it was a clear accident and the punishment was extremely harsh. I'd also like to add that I play everyday for at least 4 hours or more and to have a 5 day ban for an accident is not fair.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Right, I was driving down Berezino, At speeds of 100+mph and the roadblock loads up practically right before me, I beep to try and warn him and I still try and avoid him, My time frame is so short for making a decision and so I didn't want to blow the car up because I had my whole team relying on me to get them to our main location in one piece, I then take a right, Trying to AVOID the victim of ramming him. (If you see in the start of the video in the report, You can see how much of a tight fit it is to get past, The car was in the way and he was in the way.) I then slightly turn and try and fit through and end up ramming him by accident. Just to add we took shots when we first entered Berezino, So I didn't want to stop just in case we got lit up. Also Elissa quotes

You are in charge of safely operating a motor vehicle if you have such bad lag that you can't see objects spawn perhaps someone else should be driving.
It isn't even down to that surely he shouldn't be standing there like that next to his roadblock. Elissa also quotes
Also 'We never stop for roadblocks' does not give you the right to kill people who have done nothing to you that are standing near a road block.
I never said it gave me the right to kill him because I know it didn't and it was not done on purpose, SDS never stop for roadblocks anyway, That was what I was trying to say.

I'm trying to prove to you, How difficult it was to avoid him and what my choices where.

The black box is where he is practically standing when I hit him, The red box shows how much of a tight manoeuvre I had to make to survive. Then you'd think, Why didn't you just go round the other side on the left? I was driving on the right side of the road, Everything went so quick and the best choice at the time was to turn right in to that gap, But remember I'm still traveling ridiculously fast. I tryed beeping to get him to move just as a warning I was coming, As a natural instinct I thought he'd move on in to the roadblock but he didn't, I couldn't fit through considering I was driving a UAZ.


Also looks like I didn't hit him, Because I remember on my screen I didn't even realize I hit him until his body de-sync's and goes flying in the air.


This is a few frames after the image above, When I somehow hit him he gets knocked to the side as you can see here.


in my eyes looks like this is slightly based of ArmA mechanics as well as slightly my fault as I was driving, I understand I still hit him but c'mon, 5 days? This isn't even attempted KoS.

This might not be appropriate but I quote this of another ban appeal, He had done sexual harassment.

I almost got permanently banned for sexual harassment but instead you (the admins and gm: s etc) decided to punish me with a 5 day ban

Now, He got a 5 day ban for this, Which is totally reasonable for the offense.

I am in an accident and get banned for 5 days, I'm getting treated like this offense was bad role play/similar to the event of the harassment, I'm sorry but plenty of people have car accidents all the time in real life so can't it happen once in a while like this without someone getting banned, I have pure evidence that it was not done on purpose, My attitude also comes across calm, But I'm slightly wound up by how I've been treated considering I think I'm fairly decent at RP, To have it taken away from me for 5 days seem's pretty petty. Do you not agree?

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Shortened sanction.

What could you have done better? Don't drive when server lag/high ping or don't drive through towns and go on the grass to avoid any issues, I have already apologized.

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  • Emerald

We have reviewed your case and decided to grand this appeal.

We understand the circumstances of you 'accidently' running over the man. By having a roadblock it requires you to go a bit off-road to avoid it. However, you had full room to drive left of the roadblock, or stop completely, before assuming he would initiate and try avoid him while putting him in danger.

Having it be an accident does not justify the killing of the man though, we do however believe that the original punishment of 5 day ban is too much due to the circumstances of the situation. Therefore we will be lowering your punishment from 5 days to 3 days.

Since you have already served 2 days of your original punishment, you will be unbanned 24 hours after this post.

Appeal Granted.

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