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Self blood-bagging


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  • Emerald

I recently had the thought that maybe self blood-bagging could be added into the server.

I thought up of this as I recently died a lot from just spawning in due to being savagely attacked by hoards of zombies and dying within seconds. With the self-blood bag you would perhaps being able to survive some of these situations.

I understand that many people will be using them when attacked. However, you could have it so that you can only self blood-bag whilst out of combat.

My reasons out of the way, it also adds to RP. It adds to RP purely because it is not purely impossible to transfuse yourself in real life, this then adapting to RP and helping many new players out, especially with the extremely strong zombies.

It also adds to RP as Doctors or trained Nurses would also be able to give themselves transfusions.

It is just a suggestion because of the intensely strong zombies. Anyone feel free to post what you think of the idea.

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  • Emerald

Been discussed. Here is the link :


Also use the search function to look if it has been discussed. Took me a matter of seconds to find it.

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  • Emerald

Im going to say this than close it...

Giving yourself anything...especially a blood transfusion is a bad idea.

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