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First day of deer season


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  • Emerald

Me and a few friends own a large hunting cabin, a lot of boars and deer here. Though the boars are a true challenge,

none of us have manege to shoot one.

Shot a deer last year, still have its heart in my freezer. I do not know how to cook a heart so I just let it stay in the freezer.

Good hunting friend!

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Haha I've always wanted my owb property to hunt on my mom owns 30 acres in virgina but never been. My dad always cooks up the deer heart the same day as the hunt aswell as the liver idk how he does it but it turns out amazing

Been here all day getting cold lol saw a couple does but I cant take those sadly

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Guest domosloth

Last year i went deer hunting with my dad and my dad shot a buck with his sks and the buck ran away.... We tracked it and found it laying next to a tree dead. My dad apparently blew its heart out and it still ran at least a mile before it died

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