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Server time (UTC): 2023-02-04 12:29

Status not working right?

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So i was doing "something" earlier today that involved me being shot at. I got hit once and all of my status bars stop working, so i didn't know if i was bleeding and ultimately died. I have played DayZ long enough to know shit happens, so i just respawned and carried about my business. the only problem is my status no longer update, so i'm still full food and drink, as well as I can't see my blood or broken bones. I really don't know what is happening as i have not really used the new HUD all that much. IDK if this is a normal bug or not so I really don't know how to fix it

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Have you tried logging into another server(1-3)? I have this problem my self occasionally(Food and Drink) but re-logging to the server fixes it. Towards restart I have noticed the icons flash as they decrease, as if they go away completely and then come back over a split second. I assume it is to do with the recent lag.

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