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Problems with ingame visability

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Ok so in game i cant changed my visability settings in video options because of the player settings tab when u scroll the mouse wheel. i know this but when i joined a different server fro dayz overwatch it has dayzrps interface and i cant change my visability i put it to 10000 and nothing changes i checked if its because dayzrps enabled but it shows its not if any1 has any advice please leave a comment, i use dayz commander for regular servers please help.

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  • Emerald

The option to change visibility via the options is disabled for DayZ altogether. Also you should download the RP launcher.

Here's the link: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-dayzrp-launcher. It's easier to use this than Commander.

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I'm guessing that other servers would have a similar interface, but I don't know if the settings menu for RP was custom coded or not. It may be a common mod that someone released and we're using, but you'd probably have to ask one of the devs about that.

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You cannot physically change the view distance on regular DayZ servers. We included a special feature which allows you to do so, which is the Player Settings scroll-wheel option. If you change the visibility in the Options Menu, it doesn't change your view distance.

Hope that helps!

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