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The story of Dr. Michael Alezri

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The room was filled with smoke. It was a room decorated to the highest standard containing within it 2 men. One was the CEO of an international conglomerate. The other was a Doctor from Scotland. Outwardly, his only interesting characteristics were his eyes: he had heterochromia, and as such had one blue eye, and one which faded outwards from grey to green. They also were host to a slightly psychotic look; one which mixed superior intelligence with the veracity to end one's life in a heartbeat. They were the only gateway with which one could witness his lust for power and knowledge besides his condescending way of speaking with a slow, well-enunciated voice which barely conceals the compulsion to tear someone apart. Despite this, he was capable of using a respectful tone when necessary, and he did so at this time; for the man he was speaking to was the head of the "Aegis Corporation", within which he sought a position of power. He had not even sent in any form of application: he had only mailed the CEO with a letter saying:

"I wish a meeting. 6 o'clock, your office, if you're so inclined."

The sheer arrogance had intrigued the CEO so much that he decided to take this "Doctor" up on his offer. Now they sat opposite each other at a finely-polished mahogany desk.

"Why do you wish to join our Corporation, Doctor?" The CEO inquired.

"Through what other means could I attain a goal as enlightened as yours?" Replied the Doctor with a smirk.

The CEO raised an eyebrow. "You are saying, then, that you wish to join us to help with our biological research?"

"But of course. There is no goal so pure as scientific enlightenment; and I have no quarrels with using any methods to attain those goals."

"Hmm... You have experience in such matters?"

A slightly darker look crossed the Doctor's face, and he frowned for a moment. "You do not wish to inquire about such things."

Once again the CEO raised an eyebrow. "Very well."

They continued talking for about an hour, discussing the Doctor, his motivations, and so on.

The Doctor was accepted into the company as a Science Officer under Dr. James Marcus. He helped Dr. Marcus with his experiments regarding a virus the company had encountered. They performed various amoral experiments, which delighted the Doctor to no end. Dr. Marcus, however, was growing delusional. He became paranoid in his lust for power, and said that Dr. Alezri and his other assistant,

Dr. Grigoryants, were the only people he could trust.

Which was his mistake.

The Company CEO, Lord Oswell E. Spencer told Doctors Alezri and Grigoryants to have Dr. Marcus assassinated. They were willing to comply quite happily, and hired the Aegis Defense Service to kill him.

After Dr. Marcus' death, Dr. Alezri was promoted to the Chief Science Officer of the company for his work. From this position he worked directly with the Aegis' Corporation's front-line forces in Chernarus. He and a team of Aegis Defense Service operatives would go into the land and try to attain samples for genetic research by any means. If people would not comply, they would be held down and have their organs removed. One instance had the Doctor madly clawing out a "patient"'s organs with his own hands. His "friend", Drake, who was a member of the Defense Services, had to hold him back from tearing apart what was left of the victim. While he can usually maintain his "calm", he is sometimes prone to such outbursts in his lust for science and sadism.

More recently he, the new CEO, 2 Defense Service operatives and 2 Countermeasure Services mercenaries were seen at Desal, asking the residents for possible samples. He was also seen north of the Northeast Airfield, where he removed someone's kidney against their will, and got involved in a gun fight (which he perceives to be messy and prefers to avoid) with the subject's friend.

Doubtless the Doctor will be seen around Chernarus further, taking samples from those who are willing.

And, possibly, those who are not...

Feedback on this would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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