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Invalid Handle?

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I seem to keep on getting this error when I try to play DayZ/Arma II OA.

I have tried to re validate files over Steam and it always uninstalls all my DLC, then reacquire one or two files. I try to launch again and it still gives me the error.

(BTW running Steam as administrator does not work most of the time, although running DayZRP launcher seemed to once)

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I have been looking around for an answer, and you seem to be one of very few people getting this error, and on top of that nobody has a usefull fix.

Now with the risk of sounding like an Idiot. Have you tried completely re-installing all arma´s. and mods

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It might be based on you running Overwolf. I started to get the Invalid Handle issue myself at one point, after I started to use Overwolf.

yes i do use overwolf.

Now that i think about it Overwolf might also cause some of the weird FPS drops when someone edits permissions in TeamSpeak

Anyway thanks for the info all!

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Yeah it says on the Overwolf website that it's not compatible with the A2:AO Beta (which is what we use to play DayZ). It should work with vanilla A2:OA though, as long as you don't launch the beta version.

Strange that sometimes it seems to work with the beta though, and other times it kills Arma on startup.

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