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My new character. Cap'n Pablo Firebeard

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Sailing the seven seas in search of bounty and booze, I an’ me crew ave’ come across land full of wealth and plunderin’. What we were not aware of was the sick an’ vile goings on, in this land of hell. I an’ me Harties could not see this land all too clear, for the mist was thick and the air t’was heavy and the darkness of the night was all too eerie.

Never ave’ I felt a chill quite so deadly, never ave’ I seen death seep so deeply into the eyes of me men. All I know for certain t’was, winter is coming.

The outline of the country was all too welcomin’, it t’was welcoming us as a dead man welcomes death. We ave’ been sailing for too long, me men are stavin’ an’ a terrible case of scurvy is settlin’ in all too well.

As Cap’n my duty lie with me crew, I myself am feeling the epitome of starvation, an’ all the rum is gone. Why is the rum always gone?

Leanin’ on the back railin’ of me vessel, my mind fills in with me memories of civilisation. Followin’ order, becoming a part of the regime, it t’was border line stupid. I came to my own thoughts and decided to raise me a crew, steal me a vessel, get some arms an’ sail the seas, plunderin’ cruises an’ islands an’ small water side towns, an’ we came mighty wealthy in wenches an booze, as well as all the treasure, we were rich in our own wants an’ needs.

*Raises head towards the open sea*

All to ave’ it ends like this.

*Walks to the front of the boat*

As we enter the mist the chill wraps our bodies. The shore is yet to be seen, all that we can put into view is the hills an’ mountains. Me men are moanin’ some are asleep, are they sleepin’?

Or has the cold devoured their bodies. I make me way down to the hull of the ship, to check the sleepin’ crew. Daryl “Tripod” Morgan was the first to fall asleep, so I shake him. He doesn’t wake up. He is breathless, an’ he is dull. He has become the first victim all too soon.

I lower me head is mornin’, he t’was a good man.

*Low growling come from Daryl*

No wait, he has some hope yet. His eyes flicker open but they are not of colour, no they are dull. In a fit the body starts to shake, is this scurvy?

Daryl snaps up towards me neck, mouth splayed open read for gnawing, I jump back an’ snap him in the jaw, nuffin would get back after a knock like that. I was wrong. I make me ways to me cabin an’ get m trusty rifle I was given by me first mate, he t’was ex-military an’ before he joined me he flogged a stash of weapons.

I run to the front of me vessel an’ witness me whole crew eating each other alive. What t’was this happening.

With that last though the vessel jolted as though the brakes were slammed on, I fell backward and over the front of the ship only to land on knock me head and pass out. The shore t’was closer than it had ever been. When I came to the sun t’was out, I still ave me trusty assault rifle, but me boat t’was wrecked in the rocks on the beach. Shake me head to rid me of this cursed headache I notice south down the beach a tiny plant of some sort, there is cheerin’ and chatter eruptin’ from it. They musn’t have seen me vessel.

*Pablo gets on his feet and looks at his boat in remorse*

Me crew are trapped inside in a house of dead men now.

Now me only task to find out what is goin’ on and where I am…

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