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Torn out pages in a helicopter wreck

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((Here's a few pages that I conjured! I hope they line up with the backstory of the RP. I referenced the ARMA Citizen trailer for the news broadcast... If we're using ARMA history.))

Page 1:

Well my parents wanted me to record everything throughout my career in the national guard while I was on active duty... They always said you can make good stories out of that stuff like they had. They probably don't know that I wont be seeing some of the stuff they saw, seeing that I'm just a pilot. My name is Kensington Payne, Warrant officer of the Air national Guard. I recently had a TDL off towards the other side of the world, my sergeant telling me there wont be much action for me to get. I'm kind of relieved, seeing that I actually wanna stay alive. They said my flight is due in about a week from now, better go say my goodbyes and get my stuff together. The CO told me I'm off to some small place where the US are slightly involved. I am assuming this is just a relief operation, ya know? Give medical supplies, give food, get out of there, go home, say hi to mum and dad, soak up the Florida sun again.

Page 2:

Got my bags out and under the bed. Wow, walking through towards by new home I saw some big stuff; helicopters here and there, navy guys walking about the ship with the Master Arms around every corner, saw some soldiers that looked like they were ready to climb in a helicopter and go. When I had the time, I saw a news broadcast talking about some terrorist attack in one of the towns inland. I thought we would be allowed to go off duty and go on shore to get stuff, the CO said otherwise. Well, this map they gave me is annoying to look at... None of the towns make sense in the English language, then again this IS a Russian influenced area. I'll have to get these locations memorized for when I finally get my wings.

Page 3: Some shouting was going on today before my CO came and told me to get to my helicopter, he was telling me to get double timing, even told me I had no time for my equipment. Luckily, my rifle and ammo was nearby for a quick grab and I was wearing my BDUs. It was day time so I guess I didn't need my helmet, for some reason though I grabbed my hat while walking out. Everyone was running and boy will I tell you they were runnin' to them helicopters. Four guys got into my helicopter: Patrick, Collins, Sergeant Ross, some other guy... I played cards with them once or twice but they seem on edge, the sergeant being the only one who was in his vest and helmet. Now that I can think of it, nobody had time to suit up, or anything like that. Some did anyways and that meant I had to wait a good minute in order to get the green light to take off. I took the time to write this page, this stuff is exciting. The sergeant yelled for me to go, but I have no authorization to take off. We look up at the control tower and see blood spraying on the windows, yup, no authorization but w- *The W becomes scribbled and a line goes down towards the bottom right corner of the page.*

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