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DayZ is SO buggy

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Along with refueling/relogging to refuel, blood bags not working half the damn time, banaids taking years to apply. 5 years to pick up backpacks. I say we sould really think about going back to the old verison of DayZ


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Been going on at least a week, hardly temporary..

The staff and developers are doing all they can. These bugs will be fixed as soon as possible, in the mean time we will just have to cope. They don't fix themselves over night or indeed in just a week.

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  • Sapphire

There have been many threads on this before, and the same answer has been given, have patience!

The Staff are working as hard as they can to resolve the issues, don't worry.

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  • Emerald

Please use the search function, this as been discussed many time before. We're currently having temporarly bugs, we are aware of the problem and it will be fixed soon.


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