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My Character :)

Guest Mauzey

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Hey all :) Thought i'd put up some kind of description/life story for the character i'll be playing if I get accepted to the white list when apps are open again.


He goes by the name of Alex Mauzey, but was known by friends as simply: 'Mauzey'. Before the outbreak he was a member of a private militia, based in the United Kingdom. Specifically, he was a highly trained Marksman, so can handle himself with long range rifles.

He knows how to operate the majority of snipers, assault rifles, subs, and pistols, although he has no training with things like explosives, flying, nor does he have any advanced medical training: He can only do the bare minimum in situations where medical attention is required (i.e. bandaging wounds, etc...).

...because of what he did in the military, being alone (or with one other) for periods of time, he is has a quiet personality, he doesn't disclose much personal information about himself, and prefers to keep his knowlage about someone, more than what they know about him. (this does not mean that he is a complete anti-social psychopath, he just likes to keep himself in the shadows).

He was trained for 17 months, on and off, on being able to widthstand basic torture methods, in case he was ever caught by opposing forces, he can hold his own when faced with beatings, etc... He can just cope with being waterboarded, but for a long period of time, or any method worse than that (i.e. getting stabbed, shot multiple times, etc...), he will give in most of the time.

He goes by the term "life over loot", and thus will comply with any would-be thieves unless he sees a viable exit route that will preserve his loot, and his life.


*You find a Journal in the dirt [OOC: You find it wherever your character currently is in game] it's worn and tattered, but only seems like it's been there for a few weeks; 4 or 5 maybe*

On the 26th July 2012, I was at home with a few of the lads from my unit. We were just talking, having a few beers, and generally just relaxing while we could. We were due to head off to the base in 3 days time.

At around 2:15pm the next day, we got called into the base and were briefed on a scenario about some Russian hospital having a patient bit a nurse and there was an 'outbreak' of some description. We were told that we would be sent off, via cargo plane, to a Russian military base in the North of Chernarus, to provide some comfort to the locals, and if needed, armed support for the Russian military.

We arrived at the airbase on the 28th July 2012 at 3:35am, we had received reports about the virus' state worsening dramatically, and were advised to be EXTREMELY cautious upon arrival. After disembarking the plane, we were greeted with a near-empty airbase, there were a few squads here and there, about 5 helos dotted around, and no planes besides the one we just got off.

A tall, well built man approached us and informed us that almost all of the personnel, helicopters and light/heavy armor was out fighting this virus, that we had yet to witness. As we walked over to a small Jeep we were assigned with, he told us that the outbreak had gone spiralling out of control, almost the entire country was being hit by 'hordes' of the infected individuals. He went on to tell us that we would be sent down a small coastal town named Kamenka.

We got to Kamenka on the 29th July 2012 at 5:45pm - the town was in ruins, it seemed that the CDF had bombed the place, in an attempt to contain the infection... We no longer had business in Kamenka, so turned around and headed towards the airbase.

Upon arrival of the airbase, it was so much more quiet than before, in fact, there was no one there at all. EVERYONE was gone, we assumed that the majority of units were out on duty, and that there would be people in the comms buildings. We couldn't have been more wrong about that, the entire airbase was empty, no people, no vehicles, nothing. Naturally, we were completely disorientated by this, and had not a clue on what to do next.

After 2 days of searching, we found no living soldiers, or civillians for that matter. Half of our unit was killed or 'turned'. We are beginning to become desperate. Ammo is low.

*The final paragraph seems to be hastily written*

August 19th 2012, I am writing this entry in the hope that someone, one day, finds it... from here I will head east, in search of ammunition and sustenance. The final few radio broadcasts lead me to believe that there are other survivors, mainly from the intervention forces from various countries, and bandits.

*You notice there are a few basic documents attatched to the Journal*

Document 1: http://prntscr.com/27ote2

Document 2: http://prntscr.com/27ovkh

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Wow, that's a lot better than mine was. Other than the usual 'military' style of it, lol.

I'm sure you'll get accepted if you do well on everything else.

haha, thanks man :) - I couldn't for the life of me think of any other background that would suit the way I want the character to be in game, so I went all cliché and slapped a squad on a mission in there

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Looks good. Hope you get accepted in the near future.

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