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We need a Change!


Would you be okay with returning the mod to an older version?  

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  • Titanium

The servers as of a few weeks ago are terrible, Today just ten minutes ago me and my fellow clan mates of TRI were nearly killed due to a small shed exploding. We passed out and the desync would not let us stand up, blood bag or bandage each other.

Lately no one has been able to fill jerrycans, see road debris, bloodbag, pick up things like hatchets, backpacks, car wheels, etc. It has been very hard to rp putting people into awkward situations when they can't pick up things or refuel cars by saying "I can't pick up this can you try?" "Why can't you pick it up?" "I don't know I uh..." "//Desync"

Possible Solution: Rollback to a previous build? without all the new scripts that decrease performance. I might just be drawing conclusions but when the server did not have the surrender, Sit down and other new scripts it wasn't as laggy.

I heard the main scripter of the server or someone that fixes the server had quit? I don't know if this is true or not. But we need some way to fix the servers, To bring back the ability to roleplay correctly.

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Well the server was fine with all the features so it might not be the problem, but who knows. Also to note when the servers are nearly unplayable, looking on the player list and everyone has 1000+ bandwidth maybe that's the problem?

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  • Legend

We will not roll back to an older patch. The issues will be fixed.

Have patience.


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