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Cannot Refill Jerry cans

Guest ArcticStarling

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Guest Praetorian

I've recently encountered a number of issues:

Bloodbag option failing to appear.

Player Settings option failing to appear.

Jerry Cans displaying no option on tanks, or vehicles.

Vehicle Repair option either not displaying, or only being available for a one time use, prior to not appearing again.

Unintentional duplication of items. I couldn't tell you how many zombies I had to stuff duplicated gear into.

Your issue, however, is quite unique - as I believe mine are strictly related to server functionality and connection, while yours appears to be Script and Database oriented.

Have you attempted to relog, and verify that it happens again?

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  • El Presidente

Will be fixed next restart, removed one feature too much ;) For now, role play that the tanks are empty, true apocalypse :)

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  • Emerald

RP to the EXTREME!!!

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  • Legend


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