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العصر الجديد

al-Takizh had found a biplane up at North West airfield, it was in a bad condition, but they managed to fix it up. There was only place for four, General Hassan, stands up and says "I am the pilot,home here we come", he selective handpicked our toughest soldiers, Muhammed Khaliq, Alana Rawi and Khalid Rasheed. The General, looked at his men from the biplane, telling them to do every thing they must, to find the last convoy, and he shall be back with a bigger plane to take them all home. The soldiers saluted and they took off.



Weeks passes, Karim took leadership while the General was gone. The Enclave had their last convoy, it was hidden in the Altar Castle, with a full on attack, the fight lasted the whole night, the al-Takizh successfully retrieved the convoy. They sat up a camp near to the airfield, waiting for the General to come back.

Weeks passed, Sayid's radio buzzed, it was the General's voice.


Karim and Sayid had now taken over the al-Takizh, all the soldiers were crying and praying for their lost families, friends and home.

Sayid stood up and said

"Brothers,we cannot lose our hope to God, we cannot lose our identity, we must remain strong, we will build our home here. It is time to look further, look for our well being in Chernarus, we must focus on our hope to God, we must never lose faith in him, this is our home now. We will build the Mosque, to keep faith in God, a holy place where demons cannot get near, a place where we can say our prayers, a place where we say the name of God, a holy place that everyone can hear it, a safe place where everyone is welcome"

They were all soldiers, rebels at Takistan, heroes of the people, but all before that, they were something else..

Sayid was an architect, Karim was a cook, Abbas was a teacher, Habib was an engineer, Khalam was a doctor and Ahmed was a farmer.

"It is time to drop your weapons and uniforms for now, we must focus on rebuilding what we held dear, at home" said Karim.

The Mosque attracted nearby survivors, and they were welcomed, they shared whatever they had with them, for the sake of living, and more people started to come to the holy place, bringing with them whatever they had.. Knowledge, weapons, equipment, animals and supplies.

Slowly the Mosque has expanded, there was now families and children. Tents slowly turned into houses, dirt turned into water fountains. More people came, more houses were built. It was only then the Mosque has become more than a Mosque, it became something where people come for shelter, food, water, protection and to find faith in God.

They started with the Mosque, and now it is a house, a hospital, a farm, a bazaar, a school..

It is now...










Big thanks to Real for helping out rebuild the al-Madina after having a big technical problem with the original file.


Camp Rules

ID's are not needed, everyone are welcome, even enemies.

Do not enter CR area.

Do not go above ground level.

No violence.

Weapons must be lowered at all times.

No running inside the camp.

Obey the CR's orders, or you will be disarmed and removed.

No killing or stealing animals from the farm.

Take off your shoes before entering the mosque area.

What to do if al-Madina get attacked?

1. Fight with us.

2. Fight against us.

Remember you must initiate and still follow the server rules.

3. Leave the area completely, 500 meters is recommended.

4. Drop your weapons, sharp objects and go wait somewhere else.

~During an attack on al-Madina, anyone seen above Ground Level that are not CR's will be seen as hostile and will be killed~

Where to find al-Madina?


The Camp Representatives


Takistani Rebellion Force


Xe Mercenary Services LLC

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  • Sapphire

looks very nice and cool, but are you sure those are all default arma buoldings?

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  • Sapphire


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Guest ArcticStarling

Very nice ! Looks like alot of time has been put into this.

Backstory, maybe the Al-Takizh found some building materials and wanted to make an Arabic-type mark ?

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  • Sapphire

هذه تبدو مدهشة!

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