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People ruining immersion

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Now, I want some on the public's opinions on this.

I'll go to Altar and RP as my Japanese character, my accent is not perfect, I am not an actor, but I'd say that it was good enough to be honest. Now one thing I really hate is when I go to Altar and you get some smart-ass that always goes, 'Japanese? You sound British to me'

Now I think this really takes the p*ss, I mean, for one it just ruins the immersion, because then everyone is just like 'wut?' IC and it just annoys the hell out of me.

Do you reckon this should be report worthy? Or allowed here?

Personally I don't because I'm trying something different to my usual RP style and I'm trying my best, so I mean, just keep your OOC thoughts...OOC.

Discuss, please.

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The same thing happens to me, my character is German, and i try mY best at the accent. It is obvious that im attempting a German accent, yet some people will refer to me as guy with bad accent. That not only pisses me off, but definitely ruins the immersion

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Oh haha.

Yeah I hate it Macbrine, I mean, yeah I could go around, talking in my monotone british accent, but where's the fun in that, what is the RP? I sound nothing like I'm in the military anyway :P

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  • Emerald

Bad accents are a big part of DayZRP. It adds charm.

It's obvious that not everyone is Russian or whatever, but you do your best to imitate the accent and if it's not convincing then that's not your problem. RP the character you want to RP. I think saying someone doesn't sound like their accent is stupid and yes, immersion breaking. In real life, it may be okay to question that kind of thing but in DayZRP, suspension of disbelief is required.

People need to stop being so fussy about accents. Not everyone is perfect.

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I agree with tom, I attempt to do a Somali accent but then sometimes I think it comes across as a Zimbabwe accent, Haha.

But in my opinion that is report worthy, People IG judging your accent and breaking the immersion pisses me of so much.

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  • Emerald

I guess it's similar to a player having a high pitched voice and someone mocking them for it. Calling them young, even though their character has a full grown beard and such. It's basing someones character off of real life limitations. Not fair at all.

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