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I got a idea for the community!

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Howdy community,

I am walking around with a idea, and would love to talk with you guys/girls about this.

In the past i used to play a other game called world of warcraft. I had a guild master there and that guildmaster had many many members.

The thing was... the guild members/leader did not always had time to be around in the guild and the forums.. So this guy had a tought and decided to do something fresh that i would like to introduce this community.

The concept is called audio podcasts. I really believe with all my heart this is something the community needs. We have many members and i think that having each week such a podcast of like 10 or 20 min can be a great difference and it can embrace the community.

In this podcasts you can talk about: lets say, the current ideas for the settlements, the rule chances, future plans for dayzrp, introducing new staff members, Asking the community how the feel about the current community as it is. or talk about the current rule system that we have for all the new members. the ideas can be endless and the effort that you really need to do for it is pretty easy steps to take.

The concept of this is that you really engage with your community. And that is really what i think what we need.

Coming all together as one.

Let me hear your toughts about this. And please do not be shy!

With regards,


For the people that do not know what i mean:

Example: http://www.slideshare.net/riedet/5-excellent-examples-of-podcasts-1091439

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  • Emerald

Well, we already have the radio-broadcast. This already brings a part of this information to the community.

If people are interested, I'll gladly do a podcast.

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  • Emerald

There was something like this where all the leaders of the clans met in ts, and talked about a lot of stuff. I wonder if they still do that? But back on topic I feel something like this would be very grateful for the community. We can talk about all the issues and see if we can't solve them. +1 from me!

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Hey Leon, I can only make a statement from a personal point of few. And yes i think this is someting that could be really good for the current community. It keeps you in touch with your audience. A lot of things happen and this could be a good way to share that in little bits with the community and it is less work then all that typing!

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It would be cool to have like an OOC podcast in Dayz RP but the question is if there would be enough to talk about? There are already IC stuff being relayed through the Radio thingy that would not be needed in my opinion.

There are already some weekly updates being posted, so the podcast thing would only be more of a neat feature because it would be more fun to listen to it maybe? I think so anyway :D

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  • Emerald

I have been thinking for a long time, of making a DayZRP Postcast (staff podcast) where we would every now and then record one and talk about everything DayZRP related. Everything from recent events, rule changes, general discussions, suggestions, settlements - yeah everything. Even bring in 'guests' to talk about different topics and so on. Maybe even have a suggestion box, where people could come with ideas for topics to talk about.

Still a work in progress though, have been on hold for a while. Personally I would prefer it to be run by staff rather than regular community members, but that's just my personal preference.

I love the idea though :)

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  • Sapphire

Would be a nice idea! It would be an easy way to update people fast!


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I have to admit, I am a game podcast addict. I feel it brings a lot to the communities. Games like eve online where podcasts talked about all the goings on in the game world, and it always an awesome feeling knowing yourself or people you know were there at an event or helped move the stories of others along with you actions. I loved the radio broadcast that have been done here so far, but more is better and can only help the community if done right.

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  • Emerald

Podcast hell yeah i would get involved if they were made :D

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