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Redfaction Gamehack #38

Guest RedFaction

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Guest RedFaction

Link to report : No Report Against me

Why the verdict is not fair : I was not in anyway hacking on the server.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I was using cheat engine to mess around on one of my Shogun 2 Total war saves, and I had left the program running after I go off. I had logged onto the server not realizing it was still running and it lead to BE detecting the programming running in the background.

I've been around Dayz RP for awhile, only recently coming back to activity, and I've never had any accusations against me for hacking. I'm also fully aware of the sensitivity of BE towards programs like CE so even if by chance I was going to cheat, I would not use a program like that, knowing that it would be detected on joining a server.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I'm hoping to have the ban removed.

What could you have done better? Not have a program like CE running when I join the server.

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If you got banned by BattleEye, there's nothing you can do except buy a new CD-key. BattleEye will never revoke a ban if it detected a program such as CE.

The global bans BattleEye hands out has nothing to do with the server you play on or the admins.

//Papa Emeritus II

This was your second post.

I'll be gentle.

NEVER post in appeals or in reports.

Posting in these two forums will give you warningpoints. Guaranteed.


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Guest RedFaction

I thought the same thing you did, and in a rush contacted BE, The reply was.


This is a third-party ban, so I can't really help you there. Please contact the server admin regarding this.


Bastian Suter

BattlEye Innovations

I am not globally banned, its just off dayzrp.

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