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Permanently banned for attitude

Guest Mickjones

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Guest Mickjones

Hey my other account was permanently banned (thatpsychopath) because of attitude.

I don't believe this is fair because the admin who banned me Gus was abusing his power as an admin,

Okay so Gus was sending me private messages saying that I am not aloud to use the word ''lol'' in a forum and generally speaking to me like trash, And I didn't feel comfortable with that and I told him the way he was talking to me, He continued to due so then I put poor feedback on Gus at the admin feedback forum post,

I believe Gus read this and did not like this giving him more hate towards me, Gus then telling me I have ''19 points on my account'', I don't know what 19 points mean so I told Gus '' I don't know what that means is it good or bad , chicken man'' - Chicken man because Gustavo Fring from breaking bad and Gus has a picture of Heisenberg/Walter Walt as his emblem so he is a fan of the show, I put -Chicken man- to lighten the mood because Gus was being very aggressive towards me, Then I get permanently banned aswell for my first offence I don't believe this is ethical or fair,

- Mick Jones.

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