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Explanation on why overwolf does not work properly for Arma 2

Guest Biiddy

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So recently i personally have had quite a few questions on to why the "overwolf" mod does not work for arma 2, anyway the community manager for Overwolf contacted myself not too long ago explaining why it does not work.

The reason on to why it does not work is due to the fact that had to cancel the overlay from working with DayZ due to multiple crashes from a multitude of users.

Although they are still trying to find a way to use overwolf correctly with DayZ for now it wont work properly when you start Arma 2 through some kind of launcher, for example DayZ commander.

If somebody does manage to find a way how to use overwolf through starting Arma with a launcher then feel free to contact myself and i will get in touch with the overwolf community manager.

Hope this helps the people struggling and gives them a valid reason.

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  • Sapphire

Thanks for clearing up

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Guest ADK thatirishguy

I've managed to boot Overwolf just fine while booting from DayZ Commander.

I just can't get it to boot with the Standalone version.

I've the videos to prove that Overwolf works fine for me using DayZ commander, fully updated. Not sure if it helps but I have my launch parameters pointing to my OA directory and i've tossed in a "no splash" and also a line for my CPU and it's cores.

Not sure if those help but like I said, I'm filming in HD using Overwolf with Dayz Commander.

Maybe they fixed it?

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