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Carth Guerren

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//This is my story, me and my friend are wanting roleplay Arms Dealers called The Guerren Brothers, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Pictures will be added soon :)

Carth Guerren was born on February the 3rd 1975. His mother, Jane Smith, was a chronic heroin user, completely out of control of her addiction, and his father was a violent alcoholic who was in and out of prison during Carth's youth. His older brother, Dev Guerren was his best friend, and with no admirable father figure, his role model. During his early education, Carth struggled to fit in, having such a troubled home life, he was nervous of adults and other children, often lashing out violently in class. Apart from hanging around with his brother, he was a lone wolf. And that’s how he continued to be…

February 10th, 1990, Carth’s father returned from a longer than usual jail sentence. Resorting instantly to his old ways, that night he got drunk, and began to assault the boys, the mother was no-where to be seen. But something inside Carth snapped that night, watching his brother take a beating from their heavy handed father, this was the last time.

After grabbing a kitchen knife, he began to deliver precise and fatal stabs to his fathers back, he didn’t hold back… All this just one week after Carth’s fifteenth.

Carth and Dev fled the country before the crime was even discovered, they were in Syria after three days. Selling their mobile phones allowed them to afford a small shack in a run down area. Soon they were working as farm hands at a near by opium plantation, the pay was low, but it covered bread and water. Their new lives were boring, but they still had each other for company.

October 27th, a local gang that worked selling drugs and guns approached the brothers, asking if they were interested in some basic work, and that’s when their new lives really started. Many years passed as they went from goon work to the gang leader’s (Assad Abdul Muhammad) bodyguards. By the year 2003, the pair were hardened and merciless, rich and renowned among the gang.

But the pair were getting too powerful, the gang members began to look to them as the leaders, Assad did not allow this.

In an effort to remove the brothers from his worries, he organized a hit against them. Eleven armed men met Carth and Dev on what seemed like a standard bulk AK shipment. A firefight broke out. Carth killed five men with his trusty M1911 and Dev went on to kill the remainder with his Mossberg shotgun, neither of the pair catching a single round. Revenge was the only thing on their minds. Carth had heard Assad talking about Afghanistan earlier that month, and knew that is exactly where he would run to after realizing the brothers had killed his assassins.

The hunt began.

They spent the next few years following Assads tracks, killing anyone he left behind, trading the weapons left by the deceased as currency for transport and supplies.

Their hunt led them to Chernarus, and that’s where they met the apocalypse.

Despite the zombie outbreak, they continue their hunt for Assad, and intend to make a name for themselves as ruthless arms-dealers in the zed-populated wasteland that is Chernarus...

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I'm interested in knowing where he was born. I was caught by surprise when he ended up in Syria, bit of a random place to go to unless he is from the region :D

Plus being 'rich and renowned' smugglers, wouldn't that attract a tiny bit of attention from the UN / NATO forces in the Middle East? I like the story and characters, but they seem a little too flawless.

It would be a nice background if their choices in life had more consequences. If they were known criminals it could lead to cool stuff considering we have a few NATO/UN based military clans in Chernarus.

Edit: And I didn't notice any grammar mistakes, which is another plus.

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