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The Urban Myths of the Apocalypse/Ghost stories of Chernarus thread.

Fig Newtons

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Hello! I thought that, to broaden our community lore a bit, we could share some stories from Chernarus! They could be stories of something that happened to you, or they can be all made up! Just some stories in general that could've been told around a campfire.

I'll go first and post a couple that I found on the web.

First, my favorite:

The Winchester Bravado

Just a few weeks after the breakout, I heard a distress call on my radio. Some poor soul had gotten himself cornered in somewhere in Electro. At that time, I still had plenty of supplies, and traveling by myself had gotten lonely, so I decided to try to help the guy. So I rush from my camp, and make my way down town. I kept walking around for a while, doing my best to stay hidden, but I could might as well have ran through the streets singing, because there was not a single zombie to be seen.

So then I see a light down at the docks, looked like a red flare, and I made my way down there, only to see piles of dead zombies next to a youngster who looks like he's been to hell and back. And next to him stood a tall man, with a winchester in his arms, and a revolver in his belt. I made my way over to them, and told them I had heard the radio call. The youngster thanked me, but said that the other man had saved him. I then offered them both to come back to my camp, and share a warm meal with me. We then made our way out of Electro, following the road to Chernogorsk. The youngster and me chatted happily, however the tall man didn't say a word the whole time.

We decided to stop by Cherno and see what we could find, as there weren't too many zombies in the streets. We figured we could simply sneak around them and get what we needed. Eventually we made our way to a convenience store. The youngster found himself a backpack, and he filled it up with all the supplies he could find. Now this is where it all went to shit. As we were about to leave, the youngster accidentaly knocked over a stand with various jewelry on it. Probably reacting to the noise, hordes of zombies came walking out in the streets. Apparently they'd all been inside the houses we'd so carefully walked by.

I told the youngster to head for the back door, while me and the tall man blocked the door as well as we could. After moving two huge desks in front of the door, the man signaled for me to go for the back door as well, which I did. The youngster was waiting by the door, and as we walked outside, I noticed that the tall man had not followed us, so I turned around to get him, but the zombies had now surrounded the building, making it impossible to enter again.

Not standing a chance against the hordes, we ran. We ran a couple of blocks before more hordes blocked our way, and we had to take cover inside one of the houses. As the hordes got closer, I prepared my pistol, knowing that even a single shot would draw them to us. Just as I aimed at the door, I heard shots, and the horde made their way in the direction of the shots. For a brief moment I thought the stranger had made his way out, but then realized the shots came from the opposite direction. As soon as we could, we started running again, heading for the woods, while shots kept firing around the town. Many zombies came close to us, but it seemed that just in time, they lost interest or just fell over.

So we kept running. And the weirdest thing is, I thought I saw glimpses of a Winchester barrel sticking out of windows, or over rooftops. We ran straight out of the town, and up to the woods. Expecting the worst, we kept moving, and we ran for a good 5 minutes before we stopped. I told the youngster to take a break, while I had a look down the road. There were no more gunshots to be heard, but as I looked down the road going to Cherno, I saw something peculiar ...

Here he came, our Winchester wielding bravado. Nearly 100 meters off track, and with no hinting of our location at all, he had found us.

And so, we continued. North to Prigorodky. West to Vysota. All this time, traveling through fields. Nothing to block or view, nothing to obscure our vision of this tall stranger besides lone sparsing of bushes. And yet, every five minutes I glanced over my shoulder, he'd disappear behind one bush, and reappear five minutes later behind another. But the kicker is yet to come.

As we headed south, into the hills above my camp, I gave one final glance to this tall stranger. He stood up, gave me a salute, and with that, promptly disappeared.

So if you're ever on the coast, in need of help, and you run into a man with a Winchester strapped to his back, take a second. He's a fuckin' guardian angel, that one is.

You don't have to believe me, but that doesn't make it not true.

Second, another good one I found:

Bells of the Dead

One night, I was hanging around Lopatino waiting for some friends to come pick me up in in their car.

As I sat there outside the church, I watched a pair of dead priests wandering around. With thoughts of how they deserved better dancing in my head, I used a flare to lure one of the shamblers to a large tree, then quietly shot him the forhead, and buried his body beneath the branches. As I buried the body, the bell of the Lopatino church rang. I didn't think anything of it, having heard the bells in Cherno ringing from time to time, so got ready to draw the second priest out of his path and beneath the burying tree. Again, I lured the priest to the tree, and shot him in the forehead.

This time the bell rang twice as I approached to bury him. A little creepy, but alright, right? I received word over my radio that my friends were approaching, and that I should meet them east of town, near some garages. As I passed through the churchyard and close to the building, I began to hear something. I back-tracked to where I heard it the strongest, and began to listen. It sounded like chanting. Never having heard an Orthodox Christian chant before, I was still in no confusion as to what I was hearing. I stood there, listening to it, and suddenly the bell began to toll. I snapped out of it and went to meet my friends, but the experience stayed with me for the rest of the night. I haven't told anyone about it until now, and haven't been back to Lopatino to check it out. If anyone does, let me know what it sounds like to you, will you?

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Where did you find those stories? Both of those stories have been posted on dayzmod.com in the urban legends thread.

That's exactly where I found them. I just rewrote them slightly so they would fit for telling in roleplay. :)

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