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The Medical form of Holding cell 6.


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*As you are passing along Green mountain you can see a door forcully opend by mostly on a crowbar as you curiousely enter the door.You look afront and you see an emty elevator wich goes down deep 50 meter with a skelton in doctor coat laying there as you move close and look down and see the crashed elevator down 50 meter deep with little light. You realise you cant go down there and move your attention towards the body of a skeleton in white coat with a dossier of documents in its hand when you grasp it and grab one of the papers in the dossier.*



Doctor name: Alexander Bazanov

Doctor ID: 676809

Department: Medical Research and defelopment

Research team: L1A


Project name: Cell Restoration project

Experiment Name: Cell Reborn project test 87

Experiment ID: 787C

Date: July 10 2012

Patient Name:Vladimir Abramova

Patient ID: 919876367984

Test Product name:Velox Infitialis malignant neoplasm

Test product codename Z1

Time of Exposure 23 hours

Physical symptoms:

-Cellular reanimation along the Glial cells,Ventral horn,Basal ganglia,Supplementary motor area,

-Cellular dis function along the Oculomotor nuclei, basal metabolic rate,Neural development

-Cellular non function along the Prefrontal cortex,reticular formation,hippocampus, cerebral cortex

-Heart rate 150 bpm

-Constrant Adrenaline production at adrenal gland


Mental symptoms:

-IQ dropped by 70%

-98% Emotional non function

-Constant state of Agression

-Patient unable to preform volcular Communication


Further Notes:

[align=justify]20:30, Experimental Holding cell 6 Subject ID 919876367984.

Experiment has shown in the latest test results as having opposite direction then our original goal of the project.

The virus itself when implented into a living subject increases the malignant neoplasm activity by 700% where the subject gets a high activity in Cellular dis-function and non-function untill most functional forms of life support of the subject fail as main attention to the brain and heart.The Virus itself does go to expectation upon death of the subject as Cellular reanimation is shown at some parts of the brain,heart and body parts while other parts wont be effected and still remain heavily Cellular damaged by the malignant neoplasm its agresive nature. We are in the meantime researching why some parts get effected and why some dont but most doctors have the current hypothesis of the theory of that the nerve system its activity has the most invluence of the strenght of the Velox Infitialis malignant neoplasm againt the malignant neoplasm. We are letting subject 919876367984 stay in operational conditions to research if other parts of his body gets in a later process of Cellular reanimation.In late tests it has been shown that Cellular reanimation was scanned at the Supplementary motor area where the virus itself has increased preformance and quallity in the part of the brain more then an Heavily trained olympic runner. We have preformed a vew brain scans of the subjects to have anoter test if Cellular reanimation has been seen at the Cellular de-functional parts.The brain scans will be sent out to the project leader this night for furth research and corparising with other subjects.








OOC: this is kidna a test roleplay document thing i kidna wanted to make out of interest of the virus and all, also to see how my grammar and spelling goes along. :P

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