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DayzRP change up!!!

Would you like to see this? EXPERIANCE THIS?!  

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ALRIGHT, so i have been looking around you tube and reading the dayzrp forums and i agree with a lot of people. We need a change in dayzrp. Not just dayzrp itself but dayz. Every time someone makes a cool new version of dayz its always on chernarus.. The map is so familiar by now i could run from kamenka to stary with my eyes closed.. So i have been rolling over some maps (with some input from others) and i think the best map for the job would be panthera. Lets be honest, the map is beautiful compared to all others. Plus it isn't as big as other maps. This is good because there will be a lot more RP interaction rather then running for half an hour to find absolutely no one in the middle of nowhere. I also agree with the dayzrp EPOCH thread i would love to see that implemented into dayzrp, It would just bring so much more into the RP and give you more to do. Now yes adding the mod to dayzrp WOULD have a few down sides but honestly its not enough to out way what it could bring to the RP experience! Plus with the base building you could fortify a small home in a town. Just put walls around it and lock up the front door maybe make some add-ons and you are good to go! This would help out smaller clans of just a few people, They can have a home and when they die out there home will disappear on its own. This is also good for larger clans who could build magnificent castles or fortifications etc. Just everything This would bring to dayzrp absolutely kerflonking awesome. If anything give it a test server to see how it flows. I'm sure it will become very popular and bring even more fame to the DayZRP group.!

If anyone else has anything to add don't be afraid to throw it down, this is just an idea me and plenty of others share. (DayZRP on Lingor with EPOCH mod<3)

ALSO!!!!, I am sorry if this all came out jumbled i have been up for at least 38hours! :D so yeah post stuff about stuff n lets get this thing MOVING!!!


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  • Sapphire

Perhaps more severs could be added incorporating the different maps? the back story does say that the infection has spread around the world somewhat so i imagine this could make sense

I dont agree so much with the epoch one because for RP reasons not everyone knows how to build a shack from the ground up (which everybody would do if epoch was involved) and you have to think theres only 180 slots across 3 servers and something like a thousand active players? where are they going to keep building all these bases?

I agree with some aspects of epoch such as removing tires from broken vehicles because even if you havnt done it before you could easily work it out and maybe the weight thing.

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  • Emerald

There was just a thread about this. I dont care how much pancakes and syrup you've ingested or how long you have been up.:D We have something called the search bar. Please, use it.

All of this has been discussed multiple times.

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