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Guys what is hapening with the lag?

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So yesterday after a 10 minute black-screen saying "Wait for host" i finally joined the server. Didn't actually notice the lag until i saw another player teleporting around, while i could perfectly hear his voice...so i thought it's just his latency. But later we found a car and needed some fuel so when i finally found a fuel-can....it took me 3 minutes to pick it up, needless to say i duped it 3 times because it was saying "You can only pick up one item at a time" and after it just appeared in my inventory after i dropped it three more times :D. (before you start accusing me i didn't even take the fuelcans anymore and just logged off). I mean it's not that big of a problem but immagine you are in a firefight you headshot somebody and because of the lag he still has time to break your legs or something. Or worse people just duping tons of weapons just by taking them from the floor.

And i don't even see any reasons for the algg since there are no "player constructions" or too many cars/loot.

PS:not accusing anyone i love the servers anyway....just wanted to know.

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Moving to Troubleshooting

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So many Threads about this already:



Closing this because in the Threads they talk about exactly the same.

Yes, the Staff know about the lag/desync/spawn problems and they working on it.


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