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Banned For Stolen CD Key With No Prove (I Have Prove Now)

Guest BBQ_Pork2

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Guest BBQ_Pork2

Link to report : There is no link to the report because I was banned while talking in IRC with an admin.

Why the verdict is not fair : Because I haven't really done anything wrong other then get my CD Key stolen.

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : First off to show prove, here's a scren cap of the email: http://i.imgur.com/gBb1crC.png I'll start by explaning my story sense this is sort of an unique ban.

- I hop on DayZ to see I've been banned, I have always had a 2nd steam account with Arma 2 CO on it, sense I was banned on my main account I thought I might as well just get a GUID change and continue playing on my 2nd steam account instead of trying to prove my innocence to BattlEye.

- I then hope on the IRC to try to get my GUID changed in advanced instead of waiting all that time and I also noticed my GUID change was being avoided, so after awhile of speaking to the Admins on IRC they said if I want to get unbanned and back into the game I must have a screenshot of the email to prove I was never scripting.

- A few days ago I got the email with my CD Key change which is posted in the first part of this appeal and I thought it was not necessary to include the other email with the CD key, I also sent them an bundence of pictices of my IP, proof I bought the game, what the ban code is, and ect.

- I have recently got on the TS with an admin named "Tdawg" and he told me to make a 2nd account and create this ban appeal. The main account is: BBQ_Pork

P.S. I have been banned from the server and forums.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : A GUID change as well as an unban

What could you have done better?: I'm not sure what I could have honestly done different other then waiting for BattlEye to send me the email before I spoke with an admin.

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Please take a screenshot of the email you got that gives you the new key.

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The information you have provided looks legitimate.

Appeal granted.

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