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A day with Mr. Cowboy!

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As you wake up near the campfire you hear a man with a Texan accent yelling, "Wake up dang you, we ain't got all day! Oh ya I put some moonshine in your bag, it's gonna keep ya nice and toasty!".

As you rub your eyes you wonder, who in the Hell is this man. You quickly gain alarm and ask him his name.

"Oh calm down there boy, the names Cowboy and without my charm and wits you'd be dead back there my good ole' pal!"

You start to wonder what the crazy man is going on about all you remember is falling over last night due to fatigue.

"Yessum that's right my friend there were some bandit fellers out there tryin' to kill you, well they didn't expect good ole' Cowboy to be stumblin' and bumblin' along and than "WAM" a good ole' hit with a mason jar full of my good ole' shine connects with his think headed skull!"

The Cowboy starts walkin' to you and even though your scared, this man has just saved your life so you lighten up a bit and shake his hand.

"Lets get a goin', we got tons of ground to cover and not too much dang time. I got some brothers in the Watchers that I can take you too we help people, kinda like I helped you" he says while chuckling under his breath. Cowboy lights up a cigerette and says, "ya know back in the day I was a famous bull rider... Best in all of Texas but than one ride one of them there horns impaled me on my thigh... Well needless to say my career as a bull rider was put to an end". Cowboy than continues to ramble on about many things he used to do and takes mutiple long swigs of his moonshine. "Ya know I make this stuff myself I gots me a distillery out there in the woods that makes all of my magical moonshine". You watch as the Cowboy tosses the empty jar into a tree and it shatters. "I lost my family back when this shit hole first started, I loved emm a lot but I realized how horrible this here world is after this all started". Cowboy than gazes off until you arrive at his pickup truck. "Ahh here she is!" Cowboy exclaims while patting the white truck. "Lets go introduce ya to the crazy ole' man we call Papa and maybe you can join our ranks, oh ya when you meet him just remember the ole' mans got Alshimers and he don't remember too much". Cowboy than goes on telling the man about his son as he drives off into the sunset flooring the gas like a Nascar driver.

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