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Server lagging

Guest Stary Strangler

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Guest Stary Strangler

I dont know if this is just me but i feel like the servers have been really really laggy over the past couple of days.

i dont mean DDOS lag i mean really low fps and there being a huge delay for giving bloodbags and switching weapons and refueling cars.

any ideas?

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  • Emerald

Been happening all day to me too, can't refuel jerry cant, cant refuel cars, give bloodbags, bandaging takes ages, eating/drinking takes ages, its really starting to get annoying now.

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  • MVP

The servers have been generally laggy for a few days and I'm quite sure that they are working on trying to fix the issue. If it got worse today, it was probably because of the event earlier in the day. That's just a guess, though.

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I don't know, but I've been having the same problems, and they were pretty severe. I was on the verge of dying the other night, and I tried to bandage, it took around 3 minutes for the animation, and by that time I was nearly passed out, and then It used all of my bandages. I tried to get someone to blood bag me, and it worked, but didn't actually show that it worked, until 5 minutes later. At the time, I had to log out also.

This problem REALLY needs to be addressed. I know it's been brought up time and time again, but frankly, I think everyone is getting a bit tired, and pissed off, that this is happening.

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  • Sapphire

Rolle knows about this and is looking into it as I understand. However, it has become really laggy, and yeah, almost lost all of my gear the other night because my car wouldn't refuel and 2 of my squad died because when I tried to bandage them, the option or anything didn't show, and when it did, nothing happened :(.

Hopefully fixed soon!

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