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DayzRP Takistan life.

Takistan life RP server?  

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So i am going to go straight into this starting with the features.


Player run government:

So essentially players would make political parties, and people who vote for them (every week?), but there are exceptions, I.E. if it is a communist government there will not but votes but their can be civil wars to overthrow the current government, but with good RP reasoning of course.

The current government would be able to make/change laws/add laws.



Government forces:

So these will be Takistani army skins, they will be a mixture of the police and the army, there job would be to uphold the current government laws, they would also patrol Takistan, combating militia groups and protecting civilians, the government forces would have a commander in charge of them, probably a staff member, and i was thinking that there could maybe be a budget which comes from the government, to buy things like weapons and vehicles (if it could be implemented) if any of you have played Takistan life, it would be like the stock on different items being increased/decreased depending on what the commander has bought, I.E. The commander buys 10 AKM's then 10 AKM's would be available for purchase at the Government forces store.


Militia groups:

These would be similar to clans on DayZRP, they would have to be an accepted miltia, opfor would probably be whitelisted for those accepted clan members only.



This is just an idea, would not need to be implemented but the UN/NATO would aid or fight the government, depending on the current government type, would have a similar commander system as the government forces.


Quite simple, they would just be civilians can do whatever, be criminals, be law abiding civilians etc, this also adds RP choices such as people making businesses or even things like news agencies, can make weekly news updates via Youtube videos and upload them to an appropriate thread.


Rules would be similar to the dayzrp rules, but with some changes, so some basic rules would be these.

KoS: refer to the current rules.

NLR: would not apply, maybe for some situations.

Metagaming: same as rules page.

Powergaming: same as rules page.

RDM: same as rules page, but might add Vehicle RDM.

And maybe some more rules, which if this idea is added the staff would make.

The Cons

.It will take a lot of time and staff to run.

.Will need a lot of staff moderation.

.Will take a lot of development time to make, but maybe they could just make a basic Takistan life with the RP rules while they make the changes i suggested, but i also know a few people who made takistan life servers, i could ask them if Rolle is up for the idea.

How to counter the cons

.Get a new staff team, specifically to Takistan life.

.If Rolle is up for a takistan life server, i could ask those guys i know.


.Would attract more people to join the community.

.More donations money for Rolle.

.More variation of RP choices for players, people making threads saying they are bored of RP, this could be a thing to make them stay.

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  • Emerald

From my experience with Takistan life (And trust me, i've played the sh*t out of it}, is that it may "Attract" new players. but the majority of folk play Takistan Life for the massive RDMfest, not the RP aspect, so all this would do is attract idiots to the server.

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From my experience with Takistan life (And trust me, i've played the sh*t out of it}, is that it may "Attract" new players. but the majority of folk play Takistan Life for the massive RDMfest, so all this would do is attract idiots to the server.

Not if it has the white list like DayzRP, should've made that clearer.

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  • Emerald

I'd quite like this, different form of RP with the same community, we currently do specialize in DayZ, but I see nothing wrong with diversifying into different "markets". Would widen the community and I think everybody would enjoy it more. I would love to try out Takistan life where people actually...roleplay.

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  • Emerald

Takistan life has already been done by many other popular servers and communities it's just not what we need.

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  • Emerald

Personally, I don't really have too many great experiences on Takistani life. DayZRP, simply put, is meant for DayZ. I feel it would just be an annoyance on TL. This, obviously, is just my opinion.

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