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Guest Volcom

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Hello, after watching Psy's videos on Dayzrp I knew I was at home. I wish to join you all once the whitelist applications are open once more.

Goodluck and godspeed.

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Hello there,

I bought ARMA II + the expansion pack and downloaded the DayZ mod yesterday. I was pretty disappointed, because the standard servers are either full of mods that do not allow me to play or - if they do - I only get to fly as a seagull. -.-

Therefore I've decided to try and join you, guys - the description of this server looks pretty amazing!

Hope I can play with you soon.



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If I donate, do I get in automatically or is there like a week waiting period and then I might still get rejected?

There are no guarantees. You are accepfed or denied based on your application.

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