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you can try to uninstall all programs you don't use or just clearing your hard drive and reinstall EVERYTHING.

My computer for example was filled with useless crap and I cleared everything and I got a performance increase of about 30%

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Did you try to shut off and on your computer? :troll:

On a serious note, this is most likely a problem with either your drivers. Update them, if that doesn't work, open up your computer and have a check on your cpu, gpu, ram.

I also suggest you to download any kind of program that keeps an eye on if your computer's overheating.

Can you also tell me what your FPS is? Is it around 2-5 FPS?

If it's a overheating issue, I recommend that you either, dust your computer, or invest in a cooling system, I use the water cooling system h80. But it's always a risk to have water cooling.

But, if you say that you have the same specs as your brother who runs the game fine, dust your computer :D that's probably the issue.

I'm just saying what I know have solved lag issues for me in the past. If you feel uncomfortable opening your computer, ask someone who's experienced with hardware.

If what I said is not helping you, try to get Rolle's attention.

BUT.. supply me with more information about your FPS.

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