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Forum/Game Ban bttfguyman

Guest bttfguymanappeal

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Guest bttfguymanappeal

Link to Report: No report

Why The Verdict is not fair: It wasn't me

Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details): I was writing my bio in computer class, and The fire alarm went off. So I had to leave my computer, completely logged in, without the actual post being posted with my writing. And, after the drill we were to go straight to the next period. I'm pretty sure someone else in the next posted something bad, because I know it wasn't me. I still have no idea what was even posted, as it wasn't me.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal : To be unbanned from the forums and game.

What could you have done better?: Log out next time if i'm in public, or just not do it in public at all.

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We though this seemed odd, with your sentence cut off in the way that it was.

Know that you are responsible for your account at all times, and we do not tolerate trolling on our forums. In the future, try not to stay logged in at public areas, or any place where someone else might have access to your information. Next time we may not be so forgiving.

Appeal granted.

I will unban your previous account. If you wouldn't mind sending me a PM once you have read this verdict, I will remove the account you used to create the appeal.

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