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Can't wait! Let's start with a "Hello"

Guest marcojacobs

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Guest marcojacobs

Sup guys (and girls?),

Since the day I discovered this dayz edit/mod I couldn't wait to be ready to join!

I've been playing RP mods a while now and I love to do this! Mostly played San Andreas RP servers and some good chernarus life servers (even had my own :)! )

Hopefully my paypal money is ready tomorrow so I could apply for the whitelist! Let's hope I get accepted :D!

But first I wanted to say Hi to the community. My real life name is Marco so let's just call me that for now :)

Well, I hope to see you people soon and staff, keep up the great work!

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  • Sapphire

Welcome Marco! and yeah like Mat said, spend time on your application. You wouldn't want to waste time for a denial, and have to submit another app.

Good Hunting!


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