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When will my 3 day ban be over

Guest Liquid

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I broke NLR like a jackass and got caught out. I got banned 3 days ago now and I'm still banned. Can an admin help me out??. I only got a 3 day ban so it should have ended. Is it an automated system or is it manual??. a response would be nice the sooner the better Desal needs me.

P.S. Now Listen Kids. crime doesn't pay or in this case neither does breaking the rules.

-Dr. Robert Avilov[Volki]

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Thanks Slute. I can't wait man it's been annoying as hell with this ban. I have logged on twice now after completely forgetting I was banned only to be shot down by a ban message. Well hey thanks for the fast reply I'll take your post into consideration.

-Dr. Robert Avilov[Volki]

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  • Emerald

Your banstrike was issued on "18-11-2013, 08:39" Which should be shown on your warnings which you can access. So by the power of science and Math combined, Your Ban should be over in the next 4 hours.


As you can also see your verdict was issued at 18-11-2013 07:52 so You have the minimum of 3 hours left depending on how quickly Hofer added your ban to our system.

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