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[HowTo] How To Render in 1080p

Guest Vespah

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I shall be teaching you all how to render in 1080p. This is useful for High Definition YouTube videos, edited or raw. This tutorial is a sort of follow up from my Dxtory thread, which you can find here

What is rendering?

Rendering is a process which compiles all the data from edited videos and compresses it all into one. If you think of an unedited video as a mesh containing transitions, audio, effects, the clip itself ect, Rendering merges all of that to create one clip.

Pre Render:

This tutorial will teach you how to render to 1080p which is full HD. For this you need to:

- Set your screen resolution to 1920x1080 BEFORE recording.

- Make sure you ingame resolution is set to Fullscreen or 1920x1080

To find out your screen resolution, go here

If your screen resolution at the top says 1920x1080 then skip the next step.

- To change your resolution:


- Right Click Desktop and go to Personalize at the bottom.

- At the bottom, click "Display Settings"

- Adjust the resolution slider to 1920x1080.

If you cant go to 1920x1080 then your monitor doesnt support 1920x1080

- You may need to update your graphics drivers

- You need a monitor aspect ration of 16:9


- Go to Start

- Click Control Panel

- Click Appearance and Resolution

- Click Adjust Screen Resolution

- Change the resolution slider to 1920x1080

- Click Apply


- Hover Mouse over the right side of the screen

- Click Settings

- Click Change PC Settings at the bottom of the page

- Click PC&Devices and click Display

- Adjust the slider to 1920x1080

- Click Apply

Programs Used:

Sony Vegas


I am using Sony Vegas Pro 12 for the purpose of this video.

You can Buy or "Obtain" it or you can download the trial.

Official Link: Click here.

What To Do:

Once opened, go to File > New.

Now you will be presented by a screen like this.


Automatically it should say "1920x1080". If it hasnt, then you havnt recorded it in 1920x1080. Go back to the previous steps.

Name your project whatever you want.

Now with "All Media" Highlighted, drag and drop your clips into the panel.


Your clip(s) should appear in the panel like so ^.

Simply Drag and Drop the clip from the Panel into the Timeline.


Now Edit your clips how you like.

- Transitions

- Intro

- Effects

ect ect.

Once you are happy with your project, Save it.

Once saved, go to File > Render As.

Now for 1080p HD, Make sure you select "Windows Media Video V11" Then click "8 Mbps HD 1080-30p Video".

And then let it render. Make sure you know where you are rendering it to. I recommend the Desktop. Then simply upload to YouTube or whatever.


Sometimes when clicking "Render As" this Error appears:


Simply go to Tools > Scripting > Batch Render.

Then Untick Everything except Windows Media Video V11 and 8 Mbps HD 1080-30p Video like so:


You should be all set.

That concludes this tutorial.

Thanks to Veged for suggesting this tutorial.


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