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If I donate. Will the Whitelist become open for me?


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I've been really looking forward to joining this RP community, and I've waited longer then my account has been active. My question is, if I donate, will I be able to apply for the Whitelist automatically? I am an absolute zombie fanatic, and I absolutely love role-playing. Examples of that are my collection of D&D books downstairs, or Warhammer 40k, or Tekkomel, or.. well, you get the point. Well, that's my question. Thank you for your time.

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If you donate now, your white-list application will be reviewed as from atm white-lists from non donors are not being seen upon. Also if you donate you get a lovely skin your account will not get deactivated. It does not mean though you are accepted to play. Your application that you send is what does that. So make it a good one!

Make sure you read the rules over and over and understand them well.

Tip: also stay active on the forums. The Admins then can see that you are a member who wants to show he wants to be part of this community!

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The whitelist is always open to donors. Just remember that you will not get accepted automatically just because you are a donor so put a lot of time and effort into your application and make it count as you have limited chances.

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So yes, If you dontate you will be able to send in an application but to donate is not guarantee to get accepted. Make sure your application is really, really good! If you have questions you can always PM me or jump in Ts and ask for help in the helpdesk or have a look in the IRC-chat!

Also use the search function.

Thank you and good luck to you!

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