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Yosh Berret - Hole

Guest Seyyoshi

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Guest Seyyoshi


I'm done... I'm f***ing done... I can't handle this sh*t. I can't keep living like this, in this stupid hole. I need to get out. I'm not a coward, I just don't want to face the reality of this god forsaken earth anymore. I hear these noises at night. I want to think it’s just other people moaning and wailing but they don't sound like humans, they scream and scream as if they have seen something awful. Maybe it was aliens, for goodness sake I'm a doctor... it might be an infection... SENT BY ALIENS! What am I talking about. I'm thirsty, so thirsty and hungry. These maggots aren't doing me any good at all. Fresh rainwater comes through the soil sometimes but it hasn't for quite a while now. Man... All I ever wanted was to live a normal life like everybody else. I just wanted to find a nice girl and maybe one day have a few kids. Penny... How am I supposed to keep going. I've been living in this hole for what feels like forever, maybe its been weeks,months maybe even a year. I don't know. I just ran, ran as fast as I could until I was out of breath and then I found this tiny sh*thole I'm in right now. I don't understand, I just... He was dead. HE WAS DEAD! But then he came back... and I tried to save him and he bit her. My Penny. My one and only, Penny.

I miss her so much. It warms my heart just by saying her name. Penny... I was on my honeymoon for goodness sake. MY HONEYMOON.


I should just have stayed in Sweden. Back home I would be in the woods again where no one would find us. I just wanted to go somewhere where we could spend a vacation and celebrate our second anniversary.. Where we could have fun, enjoy ourselves.

I should have stayed home and eaten some more "Kex Choklad". I should have bought a new chair from IKEA. I had so many plans for us Penny... So many... You might not have seen it back then but... I did... I swear to you... One day I'll see you, and we'll be together again. We'll be happy and I would never hurt you. We would grow old together. We would have watched our kids grow together. Together

It smells in here. I have been living next to my own shit for months...a year? I dunno ...for some time at least. My head burns. I feel weak. I'm dehydrated. Starved. I have to get out of this hole but it's a nice hole I should go out and get furniture and when I'm back Penny will have baked me some fresh cookies and then I...I'd buy a gun, just in case someone robs my hole. Damn... I'm a wreck. What!? WHAT!?

You can't tell me that. I'm not a coward! You're a coward! You know nothing about me you arse! NOTHING. I’LL KILL YOU, YOU HEAR ME? YOU'RE DEAD! GET BACK HERE! AWWW!

Im running now, you bastard, watch me go! YOU WERE WRONG!!

Suddenly as I ran out of the hole, I realize that I jumped off a hill, which apparently was just outside the hole. I woke up. I don’t know for how long I had been lying there on the grass but it felt like a while. It felt good though. The dewdrops dripped down my face.

Ugh...sh*t... Where am I? Did I... Did I fall off the hill? I could have broken my neck. Wait... WAIT. HAHHAHAHA!! I'm free!!! I'm out! I did it! I did it. I did it... I... Fire. It was everywhere. The town that me and Penny were going to visit. Oh dear god. I sat down just to realize how miserable the world is. Watching the wretched town burning to the ground. Sure it was far as hell but you could see miles away. The realization of that the world was doomed just told me I was too. I sat down shocked. I cried. For so f***ing long. They tell me men aren't supposed to cry. It makes them soft. I might have been the only man left on earth. What was I going to do. Though there was no to time to cry. It was time to move on. Then when all hope was lost, I saw someone. PEOPLE! Roaming around the city. Maybe they were stopping the fire. The military! It must be! I limped my way there. I couldn't see far. I heard strange noises coming from the town. As I came closer I saw many of them, I quickly shouted for help. I started to panic, they were surrounding me and I realized they didn't want to help. Their eyes were white as clouds reminding me of an memory I was trying to forget.

Penny, My one and Only.

I really enjoy making these stories. Maybe one day the tale of Yosh Berret will be true!


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