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[HowTo] Increase FPS With Razer Game Boost

Guest Vespah

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[Razer Game Booster]

What is Razer Game Booster?

Razer Game Booster is a program that increases your ingame performances giving you a better gaming experience.

How Does it Work?

Razer Game Booster removes any background applications and programms which are not needed. Then Razer Game Booster puts most of your computers power into the game, increasing overall performance but more notably your FPS. Once the game is close down, Razer will restore all background applications and processes, leaving your PC in the original pregame state.

How To Download and Install:

1) Follow this link here

2) Download by pressing one of the two download buttons. Make sure that the download is compatible with your version of Windows. The Left Download is Windows Vista, 7 and 8. The Right one is XP.

3) Follow the Installation Instructions.

- You will be presented with the home screen.

- To add ArmA 2 to the list, simply press the "+" Icon.

- Click ArmA 2: OA

- Press the "<" Icon on the top left to go back.

- ArmA 2 should be on the main page. Click it, then click the "Play" Icon.

- Razer will the proceed to "Boost" your application.

- Closing the game will restore your PC Applications back to normal.

Application Notes:

Filesize: 37+mb

Filetype: .exe

Registration and Login Required: Yes

Cost: Free

Note: Now there is an argument that Game Boosters are counter productive in the sense that yes, they turn off and shut down background applications however, Razer Game Booster in itself is another "Background Application". You might agree with this, you might not. But I have noticed a increase of FPS of at least 5-10 FPS.



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Question; since DayZ is a mod of Arma 2 and you don't launch it through Arma 2, does adding Arma 2 still work?

Yes it would. Every time you launch DayZ it will open Arma II. DayZ Is a modification to Arma II so it uses Arma as its base. Without arma there would not be DayZ. And when you are playing DayZ you are also playing Arma.

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Question; since DayZ is a mod of Arma 2 and you don't launch it through Arma 2, does adding Arma 2 still work?

Good question, I think adding a DayZ launcher IE DayZ Commander/ 6 Launcher then launching DayZ will still boost your game :) But im not quite sure.

I've been using game booster for ages but found the Razer version doesn't give any better FPS for me.

Like I said, some people do notice changes in other Boosters and vice versa. But Razer works for me :)

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